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Published on June 10th, 2016 | by Brittain Thompson


Lo-Fi Indie Rock Artist Talbot Adams to Play Record Release Party at The End of All Music

Singer-songwriters are nothing new, especially in Oxford, MS. However, Talbot Adams is a reminder that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, you just have to make it shine.

His new release, Community/Recession Era is a two-side collection of the last five years of his song writing. Adams brings the same unapologetic honesty he has with past works. There is no bragging, no self-indulgent word play. Community/Recession Era is Adams saying that he’s okay with where he is in life.

Songs like “Acceptance” speak on finding that ultimate sense of comfort both socially and internally. Then “Different Names” where Adams addresses melancholy, awareness, and looking back on the life that you’ve made with the understanding you’re responsible for it all.

With most releases comes a tour, or at least a string of regional shows. Adams, however, is content to, “be the guy that just releases records.”

“There is a part of me that would love to tour,” said Adams. “I don’t want to tour like I use to. I don’t like sleeping on cat hair covered futons. I’ve stayed at punk rock houses, but I can’t do that anymore.”

When asked about his lack of steady shows, Adams responds with awareness and honesty.

“It’s not about scheduling,” said Adams. “I haven’t been much of a draw in this town, and I equate that to my age. The people I ran with in my twenties don’t really go out.”

Ultimately, his understated presence in the Oxford music comes down to having found comfort. Rather than going out to drink and socialize, Adams is content to stay at home and spend time with his wife and two young boys.

“If I went out more and made the rounds on a regular basis I would probably get more shows,” said Adams. “I feel kind of isolated [in the music scene]. I’m not much of a draw to college kids. The last few club, bar shows I’ve played in Oxford have been abysmally attended.”

There was a time for Adams when it seemed he was done with music.

“I tried to kill music,” said Adams. “I saw it as this thing that was in the way. It was keeping me up at night thinking about projects I wanted to do or people I wanted to play with. So I just stopped.”

After changing jobs, as well as finding more time and less stress, Talbot began recording songs directly into his iPhone with garage band.

“I use this Blue mic that plugs into my phone and that’s how I recorded the whole album,” said adams. “There is this high gain setting on the mic. I would play very quietly but have recorded very hot which created something really cool sonically.”

Finding a way to record without disturbing his two boys is what allowed him to continue creating without worry.

“I could be recording drums and these electric guitar parts in the middle of the night while my family’s asleep,” said adams. “And it still sounded really interesting.”

His lo-fi method of recording is not just a matter of convenience.

“I actually think my voice works a lot better when I can sing a little quieter,” said Adams. “And with this method I can sing very softly, almost a whisper, but it sounds huge on the record.”

Lo-fi indie rock is a genre with many faces and tones you can approach with. Adams chose an honest, somber tone that he delivered with grace.

“It’s kind of a dark record,” said Adams. “I’m okay with that.”

Talbot Adams will be playing at The End of All Music this Sunday at 2 pm. Come by for free music, good food and drinks. His album Community/Recession Era can be purchased in store Sunday or online at talbotadams.bandcamp.com The Local Voice Ligature

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