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Published on September 3rd, 2013 | by Liam Clements


Those Darlins are Live at Proud Larrys’ Thursday September 5, 2013

While the new Those Darlins album might be titled Blur the Line, it’s clear the peculiarity that separates this fresh album from their previous work. Blur the Line is a fill the headphones type of album with a noise-rock sound that has morphed from the rockabilly tunes of 2009.

Their second album, Screws Get Loose brought Those Darlins to Oxford in 2011. They’re back at Proud Larrys’ Thursday, September 5 in support of their new album, which will be available October 1.

BTL Back Cover Pic GS-credit Veta&Theo

L to R: Adrian Barrera, Jessi Zazu, Linwood Regensberg, Nikki Kvarnes. photo by Veta & Theo

How many times have you performed in Oxford? Have you played anywhere else in Oxford? Maybe 3 or 4 times. We played another bigger place once with Lucero, but I couldn’t tell you what it’s called.

What’s a good venue? There’s a lot of factors that make a venue good or not. Location of the stage, acoustics, sound system, amiable staff, somewhere quiet to rest and get ready, good food, etc can really effect the show/experience. In the end, though, it’s way more about the audience.

“Red Light Love,” the opening track to their first album was a green light for some national exposure to those who weren’t yet familiar with the Nashville-based group. The track was used in a national ad campaign for the Kia Motors car company.

What was the feeling like when “Red Light Love” was used in the Kia Sorento commercial? As a musician, part of being self sufficient and releasing all your own material is finding ways to keep the ball rolling. We have to find outlets for our music that can generate enough money to keep everyone’s mouths fed, bills paid, van running, and the next recordings/projects paid for. The Kia commercial was what helped us bridge into a new chapter. It was very exciting, provided a lot of exposure for us, and we were very grateful for it all.

What is a successful show? As I said before, it’s about connecting with the audience and having an experience with them. We like playing in Oxford because people get excited and really appreciate the music. There could be 100 people or 1 person but as long as you are both feeling it, then it’s a success.

Are there any concert faux pas that redound the show? When you have barely slept all night, drive all day, eat shitty food, and then show up to a venue where the people are jerks, it can be a little bit disheartening but usually the show makes up for it. Sometimes in the worst places you find the best crowds. They let you know your efforts weren’t wasted. You just have to have zero expectations and then be pleasantly surprised. If there weren’t bad parts then the good parts wouldn’t seem as good.

Look for a review of Blur the Line in the print edition of The Local Voice, Thursday September 5, 2013.

Check out this article from 2011 by Local Voice writer Allie Trotter:

and this one by Nature Humphries from 2010:

Blur the Line Blends Those Darlins' Punk Vintage Sounds
Yocona International Folk Festival Finale - Meek Hall - August 30

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