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Published on April 19th, 2017 | by Jay Hughes


“How is the Mississippi economy doing in your life?”

We hear Mississippi politicians every day cite statistics about how great things are looking.  However, there are two kinds of statistics – those you look up, and those you make up.  What it really comes down to is simple:  The “Mississippi Economy” is really about you and your family- period.  So, I tried to think of what questions you ought to be asking in order to decide how t how your local economy is doing:

If you have a job, do you wish you could find a better one?

If you have a good job, would you be able to find another one in your community if you lost this one?

If your child graduates High School or College, can they get a good job in Mississippi, or will they have to leave you and your family to find work in another state?

Has the largest employer in your community reduced the number of employees?

Are there store fronts in your once thriving downtown that now sit vacant?

Are there factory buildings  in your community that now sit idle?

Is there an empty building in your community that used to be a hospital or doctors office?

Would you have access to healthcare if you lost your job tomorrow?

Have you ever had to choose between paying for medicine or a medical bill, and your basic living expenses?

Is the population of your community growing or shrinking?

The answers to these question are likely far more important to you than whatever spin is coming out of a press conference.  Think about it and become more informed.  Stay engaged on what your elected leaders are doing in your community and in Jackson.  It really does matter.

Jay Hughes
District 12 Representative

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About the Author

Jay Hughes was born August 28, 1963 in Houston, Texas, is a U.S. Army Veteran, and is married to the former Cristin Moroney. Jay is former Ward 1 Alderman of Oxford, Mississippi and currently is District 12 Representative in the Mississippi House of Representatives.

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