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Houston Nutt Sues Ole Miss


Houston Nutt has filed a lawsuit against Ole Miss claiming they launched a misinformation campaign in an effort to deflect the NCAA Notice of Allegations towards the Nutt coaching staff. 

Nutt sees their efforts as an attempt to help the current staff save face and protect Freeze’s reputation among Ole Miss fans and Alumni.

The lawsuit makes the hefty claim that Hugh Freeze, Ross Bjork, and Sports Information Director Kyle Campbell “reached an agreement in 2014 to carry out a carefully orchestrated misinformation campaign, the specific purpose of which was to mislead the media, Ole Miss boosters, and potential recruiting prospects about the true nature of the matters that were being investigated by the NCAA.”

The lawsuit brings up phone records showing that Freeze, Bjork, and Campbell made calls to reporters to soon after released stories quoting anonymous. These sources all directed attention towards allegations relating to the Nutt staff.

We were provided a copy a short time ago,” said Ole Miss General Counsel Lee Tyner. “We will carefully review Coach Nutt’s claims and respond in due course.” 


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