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Published on December 30th, 2021 | by Elz Bulington


“Fever” by Elz Bulington

a friend stopped me today to say I had recently visited her dreams
i smiled and asked if anyone tagged along
she called them a little boy but
i know my children
won’t be boiled down to their parts

a sweet knowing
just the same

i left the office today to hide
a cry in the rain
thinking about little fingers and
even littler finger nails

is it
bad of me
to wish
these tears are a symptom of
new growths?

is it
bad of my body
to wish
for those
growths when its chest tightens looking
at the 20.72 charge from walgreens i put on my card today?

is it
bad that I asked
my friend about tagalongs
having had dreams of
little ones


24 is a bad time.
the tensions in my chest release as I read
on the screen of a stick

spots on our bathroom floor scream
at me
next to
the red of a walgreens receipt
as my partner reads the same
in the freckles on my cheeks

i hope tonight
will be the night

of dreamless sleeps

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