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Published on February 8th, 2023 | by Kritika Gupta


Dr. Kritika Gupta: “Don’t hate ChatGPT, Leverage It!”

In this world of fast forward communication, I’m sure you have already heard about ChatGPT, and the various challenges it has created for corporations, higher-ed institutions, and other platforms that need critical thinking. Like any other new technology, ChatGPT has many disadvantages, such as the artificial intelligence (AI) trying to make up facts, people, and numbers that don’t exist. However, let’s zoom out and discuss how several new technological innovations faced similar critique from diverse audiences.

I still remember when social media was highly critiqued as a source of information by traditional news media outlets. Of course, it may still be inaccurate, controversial, and opinionated over factual. Still, one cannot deny that media corporations have grown financially because they leveraged social media platforms. Nowadays every Instagram post or tweet that we come across is usually accompanied with a link to the complete story published in electronic version of the newspaper. Have you ever thought how quickly most professions would become irrelevant if they did not leverage modern-day technology? AI is no news, we’ve known about its existence and the potential for progression beyond human capacity for a few years now.

At the point of writing this article, platforms using artificial intelligence still need huge improvement to replace human skillset. A smarter human would be the one who knew how to leverage artificial intelligence for keeping their own job as well as producing high quality deliverables in terms of microblogging posts, official publications, news coverage, and columns like this. No, I haven’t used ChatGPT to write this column today, but I have used it to learn recipes I didn’t know were easy to make, to brainstorm ideas and graphics to complement (and not supplement) my own understanding of a concept, and to learn how to make learning easier and more accessible.

Here are some ways you can use ChatGPT and other platforms using artificial intelligence to your advantage in a way that you still own AI and not vice versa.

Stay relevant in your skills and expertise by exploring skills, software, and free resources that could help you advance your skillset. Ask ChatGPT this question!

Understand latest medical innovations and discoveries in a simple and easily comprehendible language and learn how these advancements impact you and your family.

List all the ingredients you have in your refrigerator and pantry and ask AI a new recipe that you can put together.

Learn tips and tricks to make concepts and theories easier to grasp.

Use AI’s knowledge and blend it with your critical thinking skills to come up with a high-quality output.

Learn how to care for your plant babies.

Perhaps make a fun painting through AI, print it, and hang it up your wall.

All this to say, that like other tech advances, AI is not something to fear, but to be leveraged. AI will undergo several advancements, just like your phone or a computer, and we can hope that its only better than the previous versions. 

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Dr. Kritika Gupta holds Ph.D. in Nutrition. She currently works at the Center for Research Evaluation at the University of Mississippi. She is passionate about community-centered health promotion projects, health education projects, social determinants, and food insecurity research. Dr. Gupta gave TEDx talk "Resilience to Hunger" in 2020 and it is available on YouTube.

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