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Published on April 9th, 2012 | by TLV News


DJ D-Wade: Live at Irie, Rooster’s, and Frank & Marlee’s (by Winter Harden)


Name: Wade Sneed

Age: 23

Hometown: Oxford, Mississippi

Early Musical Experience: I started out playing around on some equipment in town. It was fun and interesting, so I started buying my own over the next year.

First Gig: I first played at Irie, July 2011. There were only six people that night and I was playing for a free bar tab. Once the students came back in town the shows were insane. I had girls dancing on the bar, and shaking the fish tanks in Irie. I’ve been there every Thursday since.

Where can we catch you in action? Monday, Rooster’s; Thursday, Irie; Friday/Saturday, all over

Where can your fans find your music/merchandise? Right now, they’ve got to come see a live performance. T-shirts and mix tapes are in the making.

Who were your musical role models growing up? Drake, A$AP, Super Mash Bros, Lil Wayne

Do you take requests? Oh yea, I pride myself on playing for the crowd.

What do you like to play? I play Top 40 and hot mash-ups. A mash-up is a synced version of combining the beats and vocals of two different songs. I’ve really come to respect this type of music.

What’s your style? I like to take old school vocals and put a new rap beat on top of it.

What are your top three mash-ups? “Party Hustlin’ Like a Gee Six,” “Partyin’ an’ bullshittin’ & Party in the USA,” “Gucci Can’t Stop.” Those are my top three biggest crowd pleasers.

What are your musical aspirations? Back in the day I never really got into other music other than the best rap and hip/hop. Then I started going to shows like Ghostland Observatory, that’s when I realized that I wanted to do more than just DJ. It’s the whole performance, like Girl Talk, with awesome light shows.

What else do you do? I’m always trying to find new ways to improve my shows. I like to make music fun, cuz the radio be f*#kin’ people up. I love to drive, hit a back road at night with the right music. My friends and family have always been most important in my life; I just want to make my parents happy.

How do you afford it? It’s a business that pays itself back, in this f’d up economy if you’re good and people like you then you have a chance.

How do you prefer to listen to your music? I prefer MP3 cds, hate when people scroll through iPods looking for that one song. Now as far as DJs go, I roll with DJ Tree from Memphis, he’s got a smooth flow. DJ Trade Mark, he is a nasty dude. And DJ Mario is a hometown hero.”

How famous would you like to be? The sky is the limit. But I really would like to play for a crowd of 5,000 one day.

Give us your best advice. I am not a role model. Then of course the golden rule, treat people the way you want to be treated, honestly.

Do you read The Local Voice? Yes, I love your Q&A!

Leave me with your final words. I can’t wait for the day Oxford sees a female DJ. I think it’s sexy.


This article was published in The Local Voice #153 (April 5-19, 2012).

Click here to download the PDF of issue #153.

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