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Published on May 5th, 2016 | by Brittain Thompson


Cory Taylor Cox Extended Play Release Party at Proud Larrys’

Cory Taylor Cox - Extended Play Cover

Cory Taylor Cox will release his new album Extended Play at Proud Larrys’ on May 13.

“The reason for me wanting to do it in Oxford on that day is that it’s exactly the five year anniversary of the last album,” said Cox. “Both of them happen to be a Friday the thirteenth, so I thought that would be fun.”

Now settled in Nashville, Cox has spent much of his life moving throughout the southeast. He regards Oxford and Memphis as being formative in finding his sound and confidence.

“When I lived in Oxford I moved towards more of a rock sound,” said Cox. “Memphis was really influential on me when I first started playing my own music. I lived in North Mississippi but I’d drive up there to play a lot of shows. The kids there and the bands there were super supportive.”

With three albums out now, each represent a different approach to recording a release.

“My very first record that came out in 2008 was just a singer-songwriter,” said Cox. “Then when I lived in Oxford we recorded [We Made These Sounds Together] more as a full band since we were playing bars a lot. Now with [Extended Play], I’m writing and recording with the same band that I tour with.”

Extended Play was initially planned to be a longer album that compiled old songs of Cox’s.

“It was going to be a hodgepodge record of songs I’d written and recorded here and there over the last five years,” said Cox. “I probably had fifteen songs.”

Once in Nashville, Cox recorded four songs with his current band that would become Extended Play.

“When I got to Nashville and got the band I’m playing with now we recorded four new songs just to be added to this project,” said Cox. “It didn’t sound cohesive though, so we decided it would be better to put an EP instead of a full length so that the songs would better represent what we’re doing now.”

The shorter format release is something that has always appealed to Cox.

“I like to do short EPs like that so I can press them to 7” vinyl,” said Cox “It’s cool to have that collector’s piece.”

Three of the original fifteen songs are being released exclusively when you purchase the album through bandcamp.

Opening for Cox will be Rock Eupora and Young Valley both from Mississippi.

“We’re actually doing three shows together in Starkville and Nashville,” said Cox. “I’m real excited to spend some time with those guys and see them play every night.”

Tickets to Cory Taylor Cox’s album release party can be purchased now from Proud Larrys’. The Nashville Show will be at The Basement and you can catch them at Dave’s Dark Horse Tavern in Starkville. The Local Voice Ligature

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