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City of Oxford, Mississippi Enacts Vaping Ban for Minors


Code of Ordinances, 50-94 Restrictions on Electronic Smoking Devices and electronic smoking pod(s), cartridge(s), and liquid refill(s)

At their last two meetings, Mayor Robyn Tannehill and City of Oxford Board of Aldermen were presented with an ordinance aimed at protecting the youth of Oxford, Mississippi. Last night, the Board of Alderman voted to pass the ordinance and make the same effective immediately.

The new ordinance adds restrictions on selling and possessing electronic smoking devices and cartridges to anyone under the age of 21 and possession on school grounds. Anyone under 21 caught with an electronic smoking device or cartridge could face up to a $100 fine for a 3rd offense.

The purpose of the ordinance, however, is to combat the selling of devices and/or cartridges to children under the age of 18. The Oxford Police Department will not tolerate these items being sold to high school and junior high students. Clerks who violate this section of the ordinance could face an enhanced penalty of a $1,000 fine and a misdemeanor conviction.

Further, the Board of Aldermen may suspend or revoke the business license of any repeat offender.

“This is about protecting our children from taking an unregulated substance,” said Chief Jeff McCutchen. “It’s no secret that vaping in our schools is a problem and we want students, parents, and business owners to know that this is going to be taken seriously.”  

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