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Published on August 15th, 2018 | by Nature Humphries


Charlie Spillers Signs His Book “​Whirlwind” Tuesday, August 21 at Off Square Books in Oxford, Mississippi

A drone strike in in the Golan Heights kills an Iranian Quds Force general. In retaliation, terror cells are sent to the U.S. When a member of a terror cell dies in an auto accident, FBI agent Frank Marsh discovers that an attack may be imminent. Based on vague clues, he and Kathy Foster try to figure out where terrorists plan to attack.  At first, sparks fly between Frank and Kathy because of an issue from their past. Their investigation is also hampered by bureaucratic obstacles, turf battles  among agencies and treachery. They become outcasts from their own agencies and no one listens when they discover the possible target of a pending terror attack.

Frank discovers that someone in Washington is providing information to the terror group. In Tehran, Marwan, the commander of a Quds Force assassination unit, realizes Frank and Kathy are a threat to uncovering the traitor and he targets the couple for assassination. Gripping intrigue propels Frank, Kathy and Marwan to a final confrontation. 

Charlie Spillers is the author of Confessions of an Undercover Agent: Adventures, Close Calls, and the Toll of a Double Life. The book describes his experiences and narrow escapes during 10 years of undercover crime fighting. Mr. Spillers is a former Marine, agent and career federal prosecutor who served as the U.S. Department of Justice Attaché for Iraq. His work related to Iraq was recognized by the FBI Director, the British Ambassador and Britain’s Minister of State for the Armed Forces. The Local Voice Ligature

David Joy Signs His Book "​The Line That Held Us" (in conversation with Ace Atkins) at Off Square Books on Thursday, August 23 at 5pm
Kent Wascom Signs His Book "The New Inheritors" Thursday, August 16 at Off Square Books in Oxford, Mississippi

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