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Published on December 30th, 2016 | by TLV News


Bruce on Bruce: Oxford’s Favorite Comedian Gets Local

There are two things Local Favorite Bruce Butler is known for in Oxford. Most people probably have a picture of them on their phone, but right now we want to focus on two other things that occupy his time in this town: Proud Larry’s and comedy. To present both of these aspects, we have asked that Bruce as the General Manager at Proud Larry’s be interviewed by one of his comedy characters, poet Alexander “Sasha” Talad. We hope the following piece will enlighten you on this individual. Yes, it’s a slow news week. Enjoy.

Sasha Talad: Can you please give me some of your background at the Proud Larry’s?
Bruce Butler: Certainly, I started here a little over seven years ago after bouncing around at a few odd jobs like moving furniture, driving a taxi…
ST: That is very interesting. My own journey started when my grandmother fled the old country with me hidden in her babushka. We lived for some time in London and I also did odd jobs to survive.
BB: Then you got into poetry? Weren’t you involved with a group of poets?
ST: Yes, I am a member of a sort of poetry brothel. We line up for patrons and get taken to back room if we are chosen. Then, we read sweet, sweet poetry to them. I am one of top earners.
BB: That’s an interesting concept.
ST: It beats last thing I had to do to make living.
BB: What was that?
ST: Work.
BB: Are you ever scared of being overshadowed by some of the other poets?
ST: Never. Sexy eastern European men in track suits are always in high demand.
BB: Well, we have a variety of events at Proud Larry’s. We have mostly music shows, but we also have comedy nights and even a poetry night every now and then.
ST: Yes, I have been to shows there. They are good. Tell me about what you do there.
BB: I try to focus on giving the customers a pleasant experience. Everyone is different and I just want them all to enjoy their time at Larry’s. We’ve been on the Square for over 20 years now, so I just want to stay the course. We still tweak the menu here and there to get the formula right, but we’ve gotten better over the years at offering great food at a reasonable price and I just want to continue that.
ST: And you also do comedy?
BB: Yes, Larry’s is the home of a monthly open mic night for some time now and my local comedy group, Laff Co., also does shows there. We have our yearly Christmas show there on the 20th. It will be called “The Roast of Christmas Past” and will feature favorite holiday characters roasting Santa as well as some stand-up comedy from some out-of-state performers.
ST: So, there will be much comedy?
BB: That’s the plan. 
ST: What else you are looking forward to?
BB: Well, I will be having a big Half-Birthday Celebration on January 6. That should be a fun time. I am putting together a band to perform German pop songs. And as far as the restaurant, I’m also excited about bringing back our Monday night Veggie Night where we feature vegetarian offerings using locally grown produce. It was a hit before but got a bit sidetracked during football season so we will be starting it again in the New Year.
ST: Ah, yes. The year is new again. Like a leopard shedding its skin.
BB: I don’t think that’s a saying. The Local Voice Ligature

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