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Published on December 20th, 2017 | by Brittain Thompson


Board of Alderman Extend Drinking Hours to 1 am Monday–Wednesday and on Saturday.

The ordinance change was made by the Board of Alderman at the request of Oxford Police Chief Joey West so as to make local alcohol laws more coherent. Now, on everyday but Sunday, bar goers will be able to drink until 1 am.

The board showed little concern and passed the ordinance unanimously. In addition to the 1 am ordinance, businesses that sell unopened containers will not be able to sell opened containers on premise. The exception to this rule is that large refillable containers, referred to as growlers, can be sold on site as long as the container is larger than 32 ounces and smaller than 128 ounces.

These ordinances will take place 30 days from December 19. The Local Voice Ligature

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