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Published on November 11th, 2020 | by Nature Humphries


Bill Perry, Jr Debuts New Sci-Fi Film with Two Screenings in November

Oxford’s most prolific creative mastermind, Bill Perry, Jr., has been hard at work producing more content that will amaze and entertain you. This time, it involves alien clones who want to destroy all humans.

Premiering at OFF to the Drive-In Sunday, November 15, with a second showing at The Powerhouse on Friday, November 20, They Found Me: Vengeance, is a 70-minute sci-fi romp filmed entirely in Oxford.

The synopsis: The Nebulonians are an advanced alien species that have come to Earth to conquer and destroy all humans. They have created a race of hybrid clones to infiltrate human society called the X Models. Once assimilated into society, the X clones were meant to take over from the inside. They were specially designed with heightened abilities beyond the normal human. Some X model clones rebelled against their makers, and sought refuge and their own life on Earth, living amongst the humans. This insubordination stood as an affront to the Nebulonians’ plot to annihilate all human life, so they created a new breed of clones, The Hybrid Hunters (alien/human hybrids). Von X98 was initially a Hybrid Hunter, but now is a fugitive from his creators, and various clones are sent to apprehend him, like the deadly Hybrid Hunter, Anubis. X98 eventually encounters Vera X Prime, a clone with a peculiar secret. Now, the unlikely clone duo join forces, along with others, to fight for survival. And the clock is ticking, the end of the world could be at hand!

Q&A with Bill Perry, Jr

How and when did you get the idea for this film?
Well, the film concept initially started off as shorts I was making and posting on Facebook about five months ago. I made three short films based off this theme about aliens conquering Earth, but when I started on the fourth film, it became a full-blown project that developed into a full length feature over the course of three months (August–October).

Who is in the cast and crew?
Bill Perry: Von X98, X99, Von Talus; Sharo “Shy” Perry: Vera X Prime; Scooby Da Kid: Agent Marty Blake; Julian Brewer: Anubis; Hunter “Mac” Martin: Agent John Riley; Turvell Ellis: Tian X100; Breezy Spreadlove: Joyce Duvall; Mike Watkins: Agent Crow; Sara B. Watkins: Agent Swan

Where can we see the film?
The film will have two public showings: the world premiere at OFF to the Drive In at 7 pm on Sunday, November 15 ($10 a car; 70 minutes). The second screening will be at The Powerhouse on Friday, November 20, also starting at 7 pm ($10 optional donation to the Jimmy Pitts Community Artists Fund).

Are you selling DVDs or downloads?
DVDs will be available at both events, and for anyone wanting to purchase a copy can do so by making payments to: www.paypal.me/billperryjr or at my Cash App: $BillPerry72

You’ve recorded music, made films, cartoons, video podcasts, written essays … where do you get all this creative energy? What inspires you to keep creating?
Life, just living life and observing my surroundings and the nuances of living. I’ve always loved entertaining people. Ultimately that’s my drive; to simply entertain people and uplift them to feel joy!

Who are some of your current favorite artists, films, music, etc?
I don’t really have a “favorite artist” anymore (I dig too many to name in one setting), but my favorite film currently is Joker (Joaquin Phoenix killed that role). I don’t watch TV or the online stuff (Netflix, HULU, etc). Engaging other shows can be distracting for me, I become less productive when I binge out on programs. But I do love my DVD collection.

What’s up next for you?
I have a virtual holiday performance coming up with the Old Time Piano Playing event held by Dr Ian Hominick @ Ole Miss. I don’t have an official date for that yet, but it’s set to happen between Thanksgiving and Christmas. And next year, my film They Found Me: Vengeance will be featured in the 2021 Oxford Film Festival! As for music, I plan to record new solo piano and trio material in 2021.

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