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Published on December 1st, 2014 | by Candace Parker-Dickerson


“Aaron Carter Brings Wonderful World Tour to Oxford” Interview & Intro by Candace Parker-Dickerson

AaronCarter-1Achieving success is hard. But losing it and starting all over again is even harder. Just ask Aaron Carter. It was over a decade ago when he released his very first hit single, “Crush on You,” at the age of ten. And that was just the beginning of what would be an incredible career for the “I Want Candy” singer who broke Michael Jackson’s Guinness World Record of being the youngest singer to have four consecutive number one singles in the U.K. and had a triple platinum selling album, all before the age of 15. But as surely as his success came, so did his downfall. A struggle with addiction and depression took its toll on the singer known for his upbeat pop anthems, almost turning him into the antithesis of the bubblegum pop image his fans grew to know and love.

AaronCarter2But Carter is putting the years of personal struggle and time out of the limelight behind him now, proving that he is an overcomer. After a stint on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars in 2009 and performing on the hit Broadway production The Fantasticks, he is making his way back onto the music scene with a new tour and upcoming album. I recently had the opportunity to chat with the especially kind and humble singer about making a new album, reconnecting with fans, and launching his comeback.

AaronCarter3You can see him perform at Oxford’s Proud Larry’s on Wednesday, December 3rd.

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As someone who was familiar with your music growing up, I must say I was excited to hear that you were making a comeback on the music scene. How did everything come together?
I started doing The Fantasticks in New York City and did over 500 performances with them. A booking agent recognized my dedication with them and decided to help me set up a tour, and we started booking tours last year.

How is the tour going so far?
It’s going great. Since it started in February last year, I’ve done probably 300 shows.

After not being on the music scene for quite some time, how does it feel putting yourself back out there and reconnecting with your fans?
It feels great to get back out there. Being on the music scene and having my fans’ support is really amazing. I get to see all of these people and faces I’ve seen growing up all my life and recognize people that come out to the shows. It’s a lot of fun and a great experience.

You started out very young and had a lot of older people guiding your career in the beginning. Now as an adult, what is it like being in control of your own career and making decisions for yourself?
It’s a big difference. I have to remember the career I built in the beginning and stay focused on who I am, so I don’t get too far off track and come out with something like a country album.

Being true to who you are is definitely important. But inevitably, every artist changes in some way or another. How do you think you’ve evolved/grown the most as an artist over the years?
I’ve definitely grown the most vocally and performance-wise. I have really started to master those things.

Let’s talk about the upcoming album. You seem to be in a really positive place in life right now and all the songs I’ve heard so far seem to reflect that. Were you a part of the songwriting process for the record?
I didn’t write on any of the songs, but I have people that work on my behalf and write songs for me. They did a really great job. And I have a great producer working with me on all the songs. Everything we have going on is really amazing.

Can you share any details about possible collaborations and features on the album?
I have a new up-and-coming artist named Pat Solo that I’m working with. He is collaborating with me on the new single “Ooh Wee.” Right now that’s the only feature on the record.

Do you have an official release date yet?
Right now we’re just moving forward and hopefully the album will be released early next year.

What do you hope to convey to your audience with your new music?
You know, I don’t have too many expectations. I just want people to be able to listen to my music, have a good time, and enjoy music how I enjoy it, for instance when I’m just hanging out with friends. So I hope people will be able to enjoy it in that capacity.  The Local Voice Ligature

This article was originally printed in The Local Voice #217 (published November 20, 2014).
To download the PDF of this issue, click here.

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