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Local Musician Spotlight: Deg Ronilo

Name: Deg Ronilo

Current Project: It’s a mix of dark ambient, hip-hop based electronica, and post-punk. Trying to decide name. Currently in the lead is Suicide Prevention Club. IDK. (Full disclosure it’s with Brittain Thompon at Local Voice.) …not sure if you want to include that parenthetical Brit.

Where are you from? Moved here from Austin about 6 years ago. Moved there from Houston. Moved there from a suburb of L.A. Moved there from Fort Smith, Arkansas where I was born but don’t remember. 

Your music Style/Genre: Proficient in most forms of angry/sad white guy music.

What is your preferred approach to making music: I like doing blind date sessions with people I simply like as humans where we don’t know what we are going to do. It’s a curious thing what happens when different but akin skills/aesthetics/personalities combine. It’s like rooming with a friend. Sometimes you create this whole new language, sometimes you end up hating this person you really liked, sometimes you end up liking them more, sometimes you still like them but you realize you shouldn’t have lived together. Relationships amirite?!

Early music experience: My older brother gave me The Cranberries’ cassette Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We? when I was 7 or 8. Still prefer female vocalists. 

Why did you start playing music? At first because I was kind of an artsy kid who like to draw and write and my friends played music so I got a bass guitar when I was 13 or so. But as I got older I really needed an outlet — a cathartic way to process my life. I wasn’t that good of a writer or drawer so I turned to music. 

What are some of your favorite bands? In no particular order: FKA Twigs, Unwound, Fugazi, The Cranberries, Can, Brian Eno, Blonde Redhead, Television, Elliot Smith, Townes Van Zandt, R.L. Burnside, Arthur Russell, and of course Bey. All time fav: Radiohead — cliche but true. 

Most memorable person you’ve jammed with: never played with anyone famous or anyone I’m truly “proud” to have played with. It’s all people that I love and it’s the moments that are memorable. The first friend to encourage me to play (Ryan). The first time I tried to practice in a band and realized I wasn’t very good (forgot this guys name; he was a jerk). First girlfriend to really inspire me musically (Anya). The first time I realized could finally improvise on the spot with someone (Edwin). First time I played a type of music I never thought I could and actually have it sound good (Cole, Steve Bev). First time I cried a bit from a jam (all my Binky Boys). First time it rocked without it feeling corny (K-hole and Bobby). 

Do you have a “day job”? Where? Umpire. 

Aspirations: Professionally, none. Artistically, be more active, be more honest, be a buddhist monk that throws good parties, and try to write a song when I’m not depressed for once. 

Got a website? Nerp. HMU tho. I b vibin on my mobile. The Local Voice Ligature


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