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Local Arts and Music Winners: The Local Voice’s Townies Awards, 2016





Favorite Visual Artist: Johnathan Kent Adams

Visual Artist

1. Jonathan Kent Adams

2. J-Man

3. Sarah Hammond

HM: Claire Whitehurst, Keelan Stokes, Michael Carter, Christina Huff, Charles Buckley, Jere Allen, Carlyle Wolf, Hannah McCormick, Megan Kingery, Anne Scott Barrett, Bradley Gordon, Chandra Williams, Melanie Munns, Nathan Adams, Nicole Lamar, Robert Malone

Bass Player

1. Jesse Lipe (Rooster’s House Band, Blackwater Trio, Drew Tang Clan, The Scavengers)

2. Newt Cooter Rayburn (The Cooters, Hawgwash, 1 Last Chance)

3. Reid Haynie (Carlos Danger)

HM: Nate Robbins (Rocket 88), Dylan Van Zile (The Holy Ghost Electric Show), Kevin Hindman (The Whiskey Barrels), Watson Horner (Riverside Voodoo), Laurie Stirratt (Teardrop City)

Favorite Bluesman: Bill “Howl-N-Madd” Perry


1. “Howl-n-Madd” Bill Perry (The Perrys)

2. Garry Burnside

3. Eric Deaton (Eric Deaton Trio)

HM: Adam Gussow, Jody Beville (The Whiskey Barrels), Tyler Keith (The Apostles)

Favorite Country Singer: Moonpie Curtis

Country Singer

1. Moon Pie Curtis (Moon Pie Curtis & The Fixins)

2. Nick Spiller (Hawgwash)

3. Patrick McClary (The Minor Adjustments)

HM: Jody Beville (The Whiskey Barrels), Ken Edwards a.k.a. Alan Johnson (Mustache: The Band)

Favorite Comedian: Stephanie Anne Grammar


1. Stephanie Anne Grammar

2. Conner King

3. Bruce Butler

HM: Sam Lyons, Nick Wood

Favorite Dancer: Corrie Cockrell


1. Corrie Cockrell

2. Andy Griffin

3. Jolynn Perry

HM: Chris Butts, Eric Shepard, Genevieve Simpson, Kaleb Mitchell, Kyle McGrevey, Moon Pie Curtis


1. DJ Mario

2. Jacova Jenkins

3. Dent May

HM: DJ Wade, Argiflex, Jason Plunk, Jimmy Harris


1. Lee Ingram (Carlos Danger)

2. Zachariah Lloyd Tillotson

3. Richard Zepeda (Whiskey Barrels)

HM: Austin Wheeler (The Holy Ghost Electric Show), Jonathan Peters (Riverside Voodoo), Wallace Lester (Teardrop City), Chris Coble (NOCANDO), Mikey Namorato a.k.a. Judas Cooter (The Cooters, Hawgwash), Shane Prewitt (Reels), Tim Burkhead (Young Buffalo)


1. Alex Thiel (Carlos Danger)

2. Whit Hamilton (Midnight Fistfight)

3. Gentry Webb bka Raw Cooter

(The Cooters)

HM: Keith Sanders (The Gutter Daisies), Colin Bowen (The Whiskey Barrels), Daniel Lee Perea (El Bebop Kid), George McConnell (The Nonchalants), Jake Horner (Riverside Voodoo),

Shane Taylor (NoCanDo), Will Shirley (Captain Magma), Daniel Karlish (Daniel Karlish Trio), Tyler Keith (The Apostles)

Favorite Filmmaker: Christina Huff


1. Christina Huff

2. Melanie Addington

3. Caleb Fisher-Wirth

HM: Joe York, Matthew Graves, Connor King, Daniel Lee Perea, Alex Theil, Greg Earnest, Louis Bourgeois, Samuel Cooper, Thad Lee

Keyboardist / Pianist

1. Bill Perry Jr. (Bill Perry Project)

2. Mac Jones (Riverside Voodoo)

3. Kyle Jones (Whiskey Barrels)

HM: Dylan Van Zile (The Holy Ghost Electric Show), Holley Peel, Mark Yacavone, Damien Wash (The Soul Tones), Eric Carlton, Robert Chaffe (Kudzu Kings)

Live Show Past Year

1. Cooters Halloween Extravaganza with NoCanDo and Midnight Fistfight (Proud Larry’s)

2. Neutral Milk Hotel (The Lyric)

3. Carlos Danger (The Blind Pig)

HM: The Whiskey Barrels (Proud Larry’s), Jason Isbell (Lyric), Molly Ringwalds (Lyric), Riverside Voodoo (Proud Larry’s), Nervs (The Blind Pig), Oldies Night (Funkys), Patton Oswalt (Lyric)

Keeping Punk Alive”

1. The Cooters

2. Tyler Keith (The Apostles)

3. Tyler Ricketts (The Limbos)

HM: Daniel Lee Perea (El Bebop Kid), Erika Lipe, Bass Drum of Death, Dylan Van Zile

Favorite Horn Player: Jeff Callaway

Horn player

1. Jeff Callaway

2. Charles Washington III (Fadetoblaq)

3. Tanner Scaggs

HM: Casey Lipe, Jean Marie Lalande (Reels)

Music Venue

1. Proud Larry’s

2. The Lyric

3. Blind Pig

HM: Library, Ajax, Powerhouse

Favorite Other Stringed/ Acoustic Instrument: Matthew Clements

Other Stringed / Acoustic

1. Matthew Clements (Midnight Fistfight)

2. Kate Teague (Reels)

3. Zachariah Lloyd Tillotson

HM: Greg Johnson, Slade Lewis, Shane King (The Gutter Daisies), Colin Bowen (The Whiskey Barrels)

Favorite Photographer: Danny Klimetz


1. Danny Klimetz

2. Bruce Newman

3. Christina Huff

HM: Bill Dabney, Pablo Corona, Trish Brummet, Blair McElroy, Brian Flint, Mike Stanton, Milly Moorehead, Robert Jordan, Ryan Di Donna, Scott Burton


1. Matt Chambley

2. Andrew Ratcliff

3. Winn McElroy

HM: Connor King, Clay Jones, Jeffrey Reed, Matthew Graves, Melanie Addington, Nate Robbins, Ted Gainey


1. Chad “Swag” Kelly

2. Demetrios Brown

3. Krazy J

HM: Homeboy T, Sam Lyons, Hu$h Boy

Song of the Year

1. “Swag” Chad Kelly

2. “Fight Or Die” NoCanDo

3. “Dr. Jones is Gonna Cut You With His Gamma Knife” Moonpie Curtis

Record Label

1. Fat Possum

2. Tweed

3. Push Button Records

Recording Studio

1. Push Button

2. Tweed

3. Dial Back Sound

HM: Sweet Tea, Black Wings Studio, RNN Studios, Tap Root, The Tone Room

Favorite Soundman: Tim Burkhead


1. Tim Burkhead

2. Capel Howorth

3. Leigh Taylor

HM: Andrew Ratcliffe, Max McDonaldson

Tattoo Artist

1. Doug Hollis (Oxford Tattoo)

Record of the Year

1. “House” Young Buffalo

2. “The Great American” Holy Ghost Electric Show

3. “This is the Life” Andrew Bryant

HM: “Enter the Fool” Moonpie Curtis, “Avalon” Tate Moore

Music Video of the Year

1. “No Plans” Tangles

2. “Live at Proud Larry’s” NoCanDo

3. “Disappear with You” Will Griffith


1. Morgan Pennington

2. Moon Pie Curtis

3. Kate Teague

HM: Adrian Dickey, Tate Moore, Daniel Lee Perea, Shane King, Tyler Keith


1. Morgan Pennington (And The Echo)

2. Kate Teague (Reels)

3. Erika Lipe

HM: Keith Sanders (The Gutter Daisies), Damein Wash (The Soul Tones), Jody Bevill, Alex Theil (Carlos Danger), Douglas Cosby(NoCanDo), Daniel Lee Perea (El Bebop Kid), Jonathan Peters (Riverside Voodoo), Shane King (The Gutter Daisies), Shannon McNally

Book of the Year

1. “Death Don’t Have No Mercy” by William Boyle

2. “In Our Own Words: Writing from Parchman Prison” VOX Press

3. “This Side of the River” by Jeffrey Staton

4. “Please Forward” by Cynthia Joyce

Film of the Year: A Mississippi Love Story (And the Journey to Happily Ever After)

Film of the Year

1. “A Mississippi Love Story” Robbie Fisher

2. “The Season” Micah Ginn

3. “Randy Grogan” Christina Huff

HM: “Thinking Cosmically, Performing Locally: Conversations with Bill Perry Jr.” Caleb Fisher-Wirth

Play of the Year

1. Hair

2. Harvey

3. Love, Sex, and the IRS

4. Odd Couple

Favorite New Band: Carlos Danger

New Band

1. Carlos Danger

2. Midnight Fistfight

3. NoCanDo

HM: Reels, And the Echo, Holy Ghost Electric Show, MOJILES, Tangles

Bygone Band

1. Blue Mountain

2. The Unwed Teenage Mothers

3. Colour Revolt

HM: Mayhem String Band, Tequila Mockingbird, Kudzu Kings

Most Underrated Musician: Daniel Lee Perea “El Bebop Kid”

Most Underrated Musician

1. Daniel Lee Perea (El Bebop Kid)

2. Jesse Lipe

3. Alex Theil (Carlos Danger)

HM: Colin Bowen (The Whiskey Barrels), Dylan Van Zile (The Holy Ghost Electric Show), Eric Deaton (Eric Deaton Trio), Keith Sanders (The Gutter Daisies), Lee Ingram (Carlos Danger), NOCANDO, Rick Hynum, Shane King (The Gutter Daisies), Tyler Ricketts (The Limbos)

Favorite Local Band: Holy Ghost Electric Show

Local Band

1. Holy Ghost Electric Show

2. Whiskey Barrels

3. The Cooters

HM: And The Echo, Midnight Fistfight, NOCANDO, Riverside Voodoo, Reels, Dead Gaze, Mustache: The Band, NERVS


1. Double Decker Festival

2. Oxford Film Festival

3. Fringe Festival

HM: Fall ball, Oxford Craft Beer Festival, North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic

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