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Published on January 5th, 2015 | by TLV News


2015 Local Favorites Awards Winners – “The Townies”

Award season is here yet again, and it’s one of The Local Voice staff’s favorite times. We’ve tallied the votes and gathered photos of this year’s Local Favorites Winners, a.k.a. “The Townies.”
It seems like every year we get some sort of surprise and this year was no different. After winning “Favorite New Local Band” last year, The Whiskey Barrels also won “Favorite Local Band” this year, and the band’s members swept away many of the other categories in “Arts & Entertainment.” Look for a feature on these local musicians in TLV #220, which will be out in early January.
Also, this was the first year we offered the option of using an online survey platform to send us your answers, in addition to the physical newspaper ballots. We were very pleased with our voter turnout this year! If you don’t like the results…well, did YOU vote? Every vote counts, so try again next year! Maybe your favorite business or person will get bragging rights.



Favorite Asian Food

  1. Rice & Spice
  2. Kabuki
  3. Jinsei

HM: Noodle Bowl, Toyo, H2O, Pick Thai, China Royal


2015Faves-RibCageFavorite Bakery

  1. Bottletree Bakery
  2. Honey Bee Bakery
  3. Lusa Pastry Cafe

HM: Kelli’s Cakes & Confections, Sweet T’s, Panera


Favorite Barbecue

  1. Rib Cage
  2. Handy Andy
  3. B’s

HM: Rebel Barn, Lamar Lounge, Ember’s


2015Faves-BBBFavorite Breakfast

  1. Big Bad Breakfast
  2. Beacon
  3. Bottletree Bakery

HM: Huddle House, Ember’s, Lusa, Honey Bee Bakery, Oxford Canteen, Chick-fil-A, IHOP


Favorite Buffet

  1. China Royal
  2. Chow King
  3. Mama Jo’s

HM: Maharaja, Larson’s Cash Saver, My Michelle’s


2015Faves-LamarLoungeFavorite Burger

  1. Lamar Lounge
  2. Handy Andy
  3. Ajax Diner

HM: Proud Larry’s, Phillip’s Grocery, Boure, Bim Bam Burgers, Frank & Marlee’s, Beacon, Blind Pig, Snackbar


Favorite Coffee

  1. High Point
  2. Cups
  3. Starbucks

HM: Bottletree Bakery, Big Bad Breakfast, Chaney’s Pharmacy, McDonald’s


Favorite Crawfish

  1. Dixie Crawfish
  2. Crawdad Hole
  3. Funkys

HM: Boure, P-Reaux, Delta Steak Co., Ajax Diner


2015Faves-SnackbarFavorite Dessert

  1. Snackbar
  2. Holli’s Sweet Tooth
  3. City Grocery

HM: Boure, Ajax Diner, YaYa’s, Kelli’s Cakes & Confections, Delta Steak Co., Lenora’s, Chili’s, Volta, Lamar Lounge, Oby’s, Sonic


Favorite Fries

  1. Lamar Lounge
  2. Proud Larry’s
  3. Snackbar

HM: Ajax Diner, McDonald’s, Volta, Oby’s, Boure, Abner’s, Phillip’s Grocery, Handy Andy, Bim Bam Burgers, Frank & Marlee’s


Favorite Other Ethnic Food

  1. Maharaja Indian Cuisine
  2. Volta Taverna
  3. Rice & Spice

HM: Petra, Pick Thai, Toyo, Kabuki, Noodle Bowl, Tapas Bar, The Taco Shop


Favorite Italian Food

  1. Tre Amici
  2. Old Venice
  3. Lenora’s

HM: Proud Larry’s, Pizza Den, 6 ‘N Tubbs


Favorite Mexican Food

  1. Tequila’s
  2. El Mundo Taqueria (“The Taco Shop”)
  3. El Milagro Taqueria

HM: Papito’s, Casa Mexicana, South Depot, El Mariachi, Tienda el Carreton


Favorite Pasta

  1. Old Venice Pizza Co.
  2. Proud Larry’s
  3. Tre Amici

HM: Boure, Delta Steak Co., Lenora’s


2015Faves-SoulshineFavorite Pizza:

  1. Soulshine Pizza Factory
  2. Funkys
  3. Square Pizza

HM: 6 ‘n Tubbs, Proud Larry’s, Old Venice, Papa John’s, Pizza Den, Pizza Hut, Tribecca Allie, Volta, Newk’s, Little Caesar’s


Favorite Salad

  1. Newk’s
  2. Volta Taverna
  3. Proud Larry’s

HM: Boure, Ajax, Oby’s, Blind Pig, City Grocery, Old Venice, Zaxby’s


Favorite Sandwich

  1. Blind Pig Pub & Deli
  2. Newk’s
  3. Oxford Canteen

HM: Ajax, McAllister’s, Mink’s on the Park, Oby’s, Panini, Pizza Den, Jimmy John’s, Lenny’s, Bottletree Bakery, Boure, Firehouse Subs, Rebel Barn, Subway


Favorite Seafood/Catfish

  1. Taylor Grocery (45%)
  2. Ajax Diner (13%)
  3. Snackbar (9%)

HM: Oby’s, Fins, Delta Steak Co., Boure


Favorite Smoothie

  1. Smoothie King
  2. Living Foods
  3. High Point


Favorite Soul Food

  1. Ajax Diner
  2. Mama Jo’s Country Cookin’
  3. Gus’ Fried Chicken

HM: Larson’s Cash Saver, Taylor Grocery, Foxfire Ranch


2015Faves-JinseiFavorite Sushi

  1. Jinsei
  2. Toyo
  3. Kabuki

HM: Noodle Bowl


Favorite Steak

  1. Oxford Grillehouse
  2. Delta Steak Co.
  3. Boure

HM: City Grocery, Ajax, Sizzler, Snackbar, Lenora’s, McEwen’s, Ravine, Oxford Steak Co.


2015Faves-AjaxFavorite Vegetarian

  1. Ajax Diner
  2. Rice & Spice
  3. Volta Taverna

HM: Living Foods, Maharaja, Ravine, Oxford Canteen, Jinsei, Petra


Favorite Wings

  1. Buffalo Wild Wings
  2. Frank & Marlee’s
  3. Coop Deville

HM: Wing Stop, Hot Wangs, Levee, Library


Favorite Local Restaurant

  1. Ajax Diner
  2. Volta Taverna
  3. Snackbar

HM: Boure, Proud Larry’s, Delta Steak Co., Ravine, Rib Cage, City Grocery, Blind Pig, Lamar Lounge, The Wine Bar, Frank & Marlee’s, Funkys, Jinsei, Rice & Spice, South Depot, Lenora’s, Oxford Grillehouse, Oxford Canteen


Favorite Cook/Chef

  1. John Currence (City Grocery Restaurant Group)
  2. Vishwesh Bhatt (Snackbar)
  3. Erika Lipe (Queenissippi Catering, The Wine Bar)

HM: Clint Boutwell (Oxford Grillehouse), Allen Sanders (Delta Steak Co.), Joel Miller (Ravine), John Myrick (Proud Larry’s), Corbin Evans (Oxford Canteen)


2015Faves-QueenissippiFavorite Catering

  1. Queenissippi Catering
  2. Taylor Grocery
  3. The Main Event (City Grocery Restaurant Group)

HM: My Michelle’s, Panini/Oxford Catering, Newk’s, Rib Cage, Party Waiting to Happen, Delta Steak Co., Living Foods, Nation’s Best, Volta, Little Easy, South Depot, Abner’s


Favorite Fine Dining

  1. Snackbar
  2. City Grocery
  3. Ravine

HM: Boure, Oxford Grillehouse, Lenora’s, Delta Steak Co., McEwen’s, The Wine Bar


2015Faves-BruceButlerFavorite Server

  1. Bruce Butler (Proud Larry’s)
  2. Evan Carteledge (Soulshine)
  3. TIE: Catherine Babb (Frank & Marlee’s), Megan Kingery Patton (Ajax)

HM: Graham Harrell (Delta Steak Co.), Katherine Montague (Ajax), Kaleigh McAllister (Volta), Sally Frederic (Ajax), JoLynn Wells (Snackbar), Kate Cleveland (Ajax), Keith Sanders (Rib Cage), Robin Hess (Proud Larry’s), Terry Moon (City Grocery), Tracy McCracken (Rib Cage)


Favorite Wine List

  1. The Wine Bar
  2. Snackbar
  3. City Grocery

HM: Ravine, Boure, Burgundy Room, Jinsei, Lenora’s


2015Faves-VeraFavorite Barista

  1. Vera Pa (High Point)
  2. Morgan Pennington (High Point)
  3. Adam Saunders (High Point)

HM: Charlie Dingus (High Point), Mary Sullivan (High Point), Presley Wright, Grace Ayer (High Point), John Pratt, Lauren (Bottletree), Mary Sunshine, Zach Grossenbacher (Cups)


Favorite Busser/Dishwasher

  1. Freddie Foster (Proud Larry’s)
  2. Keelan Stokes (Delta Steak Co.)
  3. Michael Carter (Bottletree)

HM: Michael Smith (Volta), Georgia (Old Venice)



Favorite Local Bar

  1. The Library Sports Bar
  2. Blind Pig Pub & Deli
  3. City Grocery

HM: Rib Cage, Proud Larry’s, Funkys, Boure, Lamar Lounge, Burgundy Room, Ajax, Snackbar, Frank & Marlee’s, Rooster’s, Volta, Oxford Growler, Round Table, Delta Steak Co., The Wine Bar


Favorite Doorman

  1. Jacova Jenkins (The Library)
  2. Carl Sample (Blind Pig)
  3. Andre Thompson (Rooster’s)

HM: Frankie “Four Fingers” Shughart, Austin Notenbom, James Gobert


2015Faves-TaylorCruseFavorite Bartender

  1. Taylor Cruse (Rib Cage)
  2. Carter Wilkes (Proud Larry’s)
  3. Drew Clowney (City Grocery)

HM: Phil Landers (Ajax), Chip Moore (Proud Larry’s), Aubrey Bugg (Funkys), David Lewis (Proud Larry’s), Jacob Ludlum (Library), Jordan Watson, Sam Craig (Funkys), Harrison Doyle Martin (Frank & Marlee’s)


Favorite Happy Hour

  1. Proud Larry’s
  2. Volta Taverna
  3. Blind Pig Pub & Deli

HM: Funkys, Snackbar, City Grocery, Burgundy Room, Delta Steak Co., Boure, Rib Cage, Frank & Marlee’s, Ajax, Levee, Rooster’s, South Depot


Favorite Karaoke

  1. Rooster’s Blues House
  2. El Milagro Taqueria
  3. Frank & Marlee’s


2015Faves-VoltaFavorite Margarita

  1. Volta Taverna (48%)
  2. South Depot (10%)
  3. Tequilas (7%)

HM: El Milagro, Papito’s, Proud Larry’s, Ajax, Boure, Chili’s


Favorite Patio/Deck

  1. Volta Taverna
  2. Boure
  3. City Grocery

HM: Proud Larry’s, Library, Soulshine, Frank & Marlee’s, Burgundy Room, Round Table, Lamar Lounge, Delta Steak Co., Rooster’s


2015Faves-BlindPigFavorite Beer Selection

  1. Blind Pig Pub & Deli (30%)
  2. Oxford Growler (27%)
  3. Proud Larry’s (6%)

HM: Library, Soulshine, Lamar Lounge, Delta Steak Co., Funkys, Joe’s Craft Beer


Favorite Place to Shoot Pool

  1. Blind Pig Pub & Deli
  2. The Library Sports Bar
  3. Frank & Marlee’s

HM: Rooster’s, Levee, Round Table


2015Faves-EarninVernonFavorite Pool Shark

  1. Vernon Alger
  2. Ernest Carothers
  3. Deg Ronilo

HM: Lee Harris, Lee Eric Alford, Luke Stammerjohn, Marina Para, Quinn Chandler


Favorite Trivia Night

  1. Blind Pig Pub & Deli
  2. Frank & Marlee’s
  3. Proud Larry’s

HM: Buffalo Wild Wings, Cups


Favorite Shot

  1. Fireball
  2. Tequila
  3. Jameson

HM: Whiskey, Bourbon, Shorty




Favorite Antique Store

  1. Mustard Seed Antique Emporium
  2. The Depot Antique Mall
  3. Sugar Magnolia Antique Mall

HM: Tin Pan Alley, Bea’s Antiques


Favorite Beer Store

  1. Joe’s Craft Beer
  2. Bikini Beer
  3. Oxford Growler

HM: Kroger, Larson’s Cash Saver, Habits, Brittany Store, Oxford Spot


Favorite Boutique/Gift Shop

  1. Oxford Floral
  2. Mimosa Flowers, Gifts & Gourmet
  3. The Lily Pad Gifts & Accessories

HM: Olive Juice, Lulu’s, Chaney’s Pharmacy, Local Color, Sorella Boutique & Interiors, Bette’s Flowers, Katherine Beck, Sugar Magnolia


Favorite Convenience Store

  1. Lindsey’s Chevron
  2. Skymart
  3. McPhail’s “Four Corners” Chevron

HM: James Food Center, Brittany Store, Double Quick, Oxford Spot, Ward’s Chevron (Old Taylor Rd.), Oxford Exxon, Walgreen’s


Favorite Chiropractor

  1. Oxford Chiropractic
  2. Henderson Chiropractic
  3. Wade Chiropractic

HM: Hal Posey, Dr. G.R. Orndorff, Jr. DC


Favorite Florist

  1. Oxford Floral
  2. Bette’s Flowers
  3. Mimosa Flowers, Gifts & Gourmet

HM: University Florist, The Twisted Twig


Favorite Furniture Store

  1. Johnson’s Furniture
  2. Green Door Company
  3. Stash by the Weathervane

HM: Furniture World, Cheepo Deepo, Jones at Home, Sugar Magnolia, Unique Furnishings


Favorite Beauty Salon

  1. La Rousse Salon & Spa
  2. Stone Washed Salon
  3. Avenue West Salon & Spa

HM: CVM Salon, The Parlor, Emma J Salon, The Nail Shop, La Mystique, Luxe Styling Studio, Amara Salon, Alice & Co., Hair Port


Favorite Grocery Store

  1. Kroger
  2. Larson’s Cash Saver
  3. Farmers’ Market

HM: Wal-Mart, Living Foods


Favorite Gym

  1. Snap Fitness
  2. YMCA
  3. Turner Center

HM: Southern Star Yoga Center, Anytime Fitness, Goose Creek Club


YOknaBottomsSignFavorite Local Farm

  1. Yokna(patawpha) Bottoms Farm
  2. Brown Family Dairy
  3. Woodson Ridge Farm

HM: Bost Farms, Canebrake Farm


Favorite Liquor Store

  1. Star Package Store
  2. P.J.’s Wine & Liquor
  3. Kiamie Package Store

HM: West Jackson Wine & Spirits, Magnolia Wine & Spirits, Poppa’s Wine & Spirits, C&M Package Store, Whiskey Still


2015Faves-AustinsMusicFavorite Music Supply Store

  1. Austin’s Music
  2. Ron’s Music
  3. Rebel Music

HM: The End Of All Music


Favorite Radio Station

  1. WQLJ (93.7 FM)
  2. Bullseye (95.5 FM)
  3. Rebel Radio (92.1 FM)

HM: MPB/NPR/WMAV (90.3), 96X (105.1), SuperTalk Mississippi (105.5 and 97.3), Miss 98 (97.5), The Z (98.5)


Favorite Tattoo Parlor

  1. Oxford Tattoo
  2. Opus Land


Favorite Thrift Store

  1. Goodwill
  2. Salvation Army
  3. TIE:Depot Antique Mall, Helping Hands Resale Shop


2015Faves-SquareBooksFavorite Taxi Service

  1. Angel Taxi (29%)
  2. Uber (23%)
  3. Austin Taxi (17%)

HM: Rock Star Taxi, Rebel Taxi, Oxford Taxi


Favorite Local Business

  1. Square Books
  2. The End Of All Music
  3. Ajax Diner

HM: Local Color, Blind Pig, Proud Larry’s, Funkys, Volta, Delta Steak Co., Neilson’s


hokaFavorite Bygone Local Business

  1. The Hoka
  2. Two Stick
  3. L&M’s Kitchen and Salumeria

HM: As Seen On TV, Austin’s Music, The Gin, Murff’s, Main Squeeze, Uncle Buck’s, Brass Monkey, Irie, Kalo’s Tavern





Favorite Visual Artist

  1. Jere Allen
  2. Bradley Gordon (Gordo)
  3. J-Man (Jason Heavner)

HM: Keelan Stokes, Claire Whitehurst, Megan Kingery Patton, Michael Carter, Glennray Tutor, Robert Malone


Favorite Art Gallery

  1. Southside Gallery
  2. Powerhouse
  3. Yalo Studio

HM: The Frame-Up, S&J Art Gallery


2015Faves-JohnnyMcPhailFavorite Local Actor

  1. Johnny McPhail
  2. Greg Earnest
  3. Joey Lauren Adams

HM: Rhes Lowe, Jennifer Pierce Mathus


Favorite Bass Player

  1. Kevin Hindman
  2. Nathan Robbins
  3. Newt “Cooter” Rayburn

HM: Dave Woolworth, Tommy Turan, Jesse Lipe


Favorite Bluesman

  1. Eric Deaton
  2. Bill “Howl-N-Madd” Perry
  3. Zach Tillotson

HM: Kenny Brown, Leo “Bud” Welch, Garry Burnside


Favorite Comedian

  1. Bruce Butler
  2. Karlous Miller
  3. Carter Wilkes


Favorite Country Singer

  1. Ken Edwards (Alan Johnson – The Mustache Band)
  2. Nick Spiller (Hawgwash)
  3. Austin Marshall (Dickey Do & The Don’ts)

HM: Betsy Chapman, Shane King


2015Faves-CambinoFavorite Dancer

  1. Cameron Wilson (Cambino)
  2. Lydia Siniard (Hinge Dance Co.)
  3. Jennifer Mizenko (Ole Miss Theatre Professor of Movement & Dance)

HM: JoLynn Wells Perry, Lindsay Fine, Gabby Lott, Suanne Strider, Jody Bevill, John Grissom


Favorite DJ

  1. DJ Mario
  2. DJ Wade
  3. Demetrios Brown (Hec4Sho)

HM: Jacova “King Kova” Jenkins, Jimmy “The Show” Harris, Dent May, David Swider


Favorite Drummer

  1. Richard Zepeda (The Whiskey Barrels)
  2. Zach Tillotson (Fadetoblaq, Swampfoot)
  3. Mikey Namorato (“Judas Cooter” of The Cooters)

HM: Kenny Graeber, Ricky Burkhead, Ryan Rogers, Tim Burkhead, Beau Bourgois, Wallace Lester, Jace Hughes, Len Clark, Austin Wheeler, Joseph Reed, Shane Prewitt


Favorite Filmmaker

  1. Joe York
  2. Micah Ginn
  3. Matthew Graves

HM: Melanie Lynn Addington, Daniel Lee Perea, Greg Earnest, Jordan Berger, Jordan Henry, Rhes Lowe, Ryan Riley


Favorite Guitarist

  1. Collin Bowen
  2. George McConnell
  3. Nick Spiller

HM: Silas Reed IV, Jake Fussell, Jesse Pinion, Keith Sanders, Eric Deaton, Gentry Webb, Patrick McClary, Max Hipp, Jr., Tyler Keith, Will Freeman, Clint Jordan, Daniel Karlish, Daniel Lee Perea, Garry Burnside, Jeff Peeples, Jimbo Mathus, Morgan Pennington, Phil Baquie, Sean O’Hara, Tad Wilkes (Moon Pie Curtis), Tate Moore, Winn McElroy


2014LFA_JeffCallawayFavorite Horn Player

  1. Jeff Callaway
  2. Charles Washington
  3. Jean-Marie Lalande

HM: Adam Ray, Casey Lipe, Simone Bourgeois


Favorite Keyboardist/Pianist

  1. Bill Perry, Jr.
  2. Kyle Jones
  3. Robert Chaffe

HM: Mark Yacavone, Eric Carlton


Favorite Live Show (past year)

  1. The Whiskey Barrels
  2. Mustache The Band
  3. Drive-By Truckers

HM: Kudzu Kings, Jason Isbell/Cory Branan, Unknown Hinson, Water Liars


Favorite Music Venue

  1. Proud Larry’s (56%)
  2. The Lyric Oxford (27%)
  3. Blind Pig Pub & Deli (4%)

HM: Ajax, Rooster’s


Favorite Stringed/Acoustic Musician

  1. Zach Tillotson
  2. Greg Johnson
  3. Clint Jordan

HM: Jesse Pinion, Keith Sanders, Tad Wilkes (Moon Pie Curtis), Tate Moore


Favorite Photographer

  1. Joshua McCoy (Ole Miss Pix)
  2. Bruce Newman (Oxford Eagle)
  3. Ann Marie Wyatt (Taylor Square Photography)

HM: Pablo Corona, Scott Burton, Mike Stanton, Newt Rayburn, Danny Klimitz, Karla Watson, Trish Brummett, Milly West


2015Faves-AndrewRatcliffeFavorite Producer

  1. Andrew Ratcliffe (Tweed Recording)
  2. Matt Chambley (Push Button Studio)
  3. Winn McElroy (Black Wings Studio)

HM: Micah Ginn, Tim Burkhead


Favorite Recording Studio

  1. Tweed Recording
  2. Dial Back Sound
  3. Sweet Tea Recording

HM: Push Button Studio, Black Wings Studio


2015Faves-DemetriosFavorite Rapper

  1. Demetrios Brown (Hec4Sho)
  2. Charlie Dawson (Stork)
  3. Krazy J (Da Hitmaker)


Favorite Record Label

  1. Fat Possum Records
  2. Hill Country Records
  3. Big Legal Mess Records


Favorite Songwriter

  1. Patrick McClary
  2. Shannon McNally
  3. Tyler Keith

HM: George McConnell, Jimbo Mathus, Tate Moore, Adrian Dickey, Tad Wilkes (Moon Pie Curtis)


Favorite Sound Man

  1. Leigh Taylor (Proud Larry’s)
  2. Jeffrey Reed (Taproot Audio Design)
  3. Andrew Ratcliffe (Tweed Recording)

HM: Tim Burkhead (The Lyric), Josh Boyette (The Library/Proud Larry’s), Max McDonaldson (Ford Center), James Goss (Rooster’s)


2015Faves-JodyBevillKevinHindmanFavorite Vocalist

  1. Jody Bevill (The Whiskey Barrels)
  2. Keith Sanders (The Gutter Daisies)
  3. Tate Moore (solo, Kudzu Kings)

HM: Erika Lipe, Shannon McNally, Tyler Keith, Betsy Chapman, Damien Wash, Effie Burt, Jake Fussell, Morgan Pennington, Newt Rayburn


Favorite Song of the Year

  1. “Bossman” (Hawgwash)
  2. “Breathe” (Fadetoblaq)
  3. “A Perfect Machine” (1 Last Chance)

HM: “Inside Your Head” (The Heard), “Ain’t Got That Money Yet” (Fadetoblaq), “A Song About Some Byrdz” (Light Beam Rider), “Bad Martyr” (Nervs), “Georgia Born, Delta Raised” (Gutter Daisies), “I Want Blood” (Water Liars), “Icarus” (The Red Thangs), “Smoke and Mirrors” (And The Echo), “Writing Spider” (Jimbo Mathus), “Your Mama and Them” (Moon Pie Curtis), “Yuppies Are Flowers” (Dead Gaze), “Dixie”


2015Faves-BassDrumOfDeathFavorite Record of the Year

  1. “Rip This” (Bass Drum of Death)
  2. “Wolves” (And The Echo)
  3. “Water Liars” (Water Liars)

HM: “Mother Universe and All Her Children” (Bill Perry, Jr.), “Avalon” (Tate Moore), “Dark Night of the Soul” (Jimbo Mathus), “Talbot Adams” (Talbot Adams), “Cadillac Funk” (Cadillac Funk), “Oxford Sounds” (The Cooters and George McConnell), “Warm Blanket” (Dent May), “The Great American” (Holy Ghost Electric Show), “Brain Holiday” (Dead Gaze)


BrianHatchJaceHughesTheHeard_NewtFavorite Music Video of the Year

  1. Inside Your Head” (The Heard)
  2. Oxford Sounds (The Cooters and George McConnell)
  3. “Born Too Late” (Dent May

HM: “(I’m Gonna) Black Out Tonight” (Unwed Teenage Mothers), “I Want Blood” (Water Liars), “Rattle My Faith” (The Wineskins), “Yuppies Are Flowers” (Dead Gaze), “Tennessee Walker Mare” (Jimbo Mathus)


Favorite Book of the Year

  1. “Flying Shoes” (Lisa Howorth)
  2. “In Our Own Words: Writing From Parchman Prison” (ed. Louis Bourgeois)
  3. “The Tilted World” (Beth Ann Fennelly and Tom Franklin)

HM: “Forsaken” (Ace Atkins), ”Natchez Burning” (Greg Iles)


2015Faves-WestOfElvisFavorite Local Film of the Year

  1. “West of Elvis” (Louis Bourgeois)
  2. “The Season” (Ole Miss Sports Productions, Micah Ginn, Assoc. A.D.)
  3. “Killer Kudzu” (Dir. by Meaghin Burke, Produced by Oxford Film Fest)

HM: “Lifted” (Jordan Henry), “Mile High Pie” (Melanie Addington and Daniel Lee Perea), “The Skin You’re In” (Melanie Addington), “Oxford Sounds” (Marie Antoon), “Mother Universe and All Her Children” (Bill Perry, Jr.)


Favorite Local Band

  1. The Whiskey Barrels
  2. Mustache The Band
  3. The Cooters

HM: Kudzu Kings, Bass Drum of Death, Fadetoblaq, George McConnell & The Nonchalants, Hawgwash, Water Liars, And The Echo, Silas Reed ‘N’ Da Books, Gutter Daisies, Rocket 88, Eric Deaton Trio, Tyler Keith, Unwed Teenage Mothers, Kill The Ego, The Red Thangs, Shooting Out The Lights, Tangles, The Yalobushwhackers


2015Faves-AndTheEchoFavorite New Local Band

  1. And The Echo
  2. The Heard
  3. Bella Machine

HM: Fevre Dream, Zediker Brothers, Gilded Creatures, Tangles, Edwina, 1 Last Chance, Captain Magma, Nervs, Phlegmatic, Riverside Voodoo


Favorite Bygone Local Band

  1. Blue Mountain
  2. Beanland
  3. TIE: The Neckbones, Sanders Bohlke

HM: Kudzu Kings, One Mile South, Betsy & The Barnburners, Tequila Mockingbird, Colour Revolt, Light Beam Rider, Balance Trio, Kill The Ego, The P.F. Flyers, Swampfoot


2015Faves-KeithSandersMost Underrated Musician

  1. Keith Sanders
  2. Collin Bowen
  3. Bill Perry, Jr.

HM: Pat McKeage, Zach Tillotson, Andrew Gordon (Gordo), Betsy Chapman, Dent May, Jake Fussell, Kevin Hindman, Newt Rayburn, Silas Reed, Tad Wilkes, Will Freeman




2015Faves-TreadwellFavorite Athlete

  1. Laquon Treadwell
  2. Bo Wallace
  3. Cody Prewitt

HM: D.T. Shackelford, Senquez Golson, Denzel Nkemdiche, Eli Manning, Robert Nkemdiche


Favorite Attorney

  1. Kevin W. Frye
  2. Jay Carmean
  3. Dee Hobbs

HM: James B. Justice, Lucky Tucker, Ray Garrett, Josh Turner, Rhea Tannehill, Tom Freeland, Daniel Sparks, George Haymans, Hale Freeland, Hiram Eastland III, Jay Hughes, Luke Fisher, Swayze Alford


Favorite Boss/Business Owner

  1. Randy Yates (Ajax Diner)
  2. John Currence (City Grocery Restaurant Group)
  3. Brooke Krizbai (Volta Taverna)

HM: Kevin W. Frye, Todd Lynch (Frank & Marlee’s), Buck Walden (Rib Cage), Lee Harris (Funkys), Mike Portera (Lenora’s), Scott Caradine (Proud Larry’s)


Favorite Clergy Member

  1. Father Joe Tonos (St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church)
  2. Rev. John Semmes (First Presbyterian Church)
  3. Pat Ward (The Orchard)

HM: Ann Whitaker (St. Peter’s Episcopal Church), Warren Black (Oxford University United Methodist Church), Dave Waddell, Rev. Taylor Moore (St. Peter’s Episcopal Church), Bob Rambo, Joe Pegram, Robert Allen (First Baptist Church)


Favorite Coach

  1. Hugh Freeze (77%)
  2. Andy Kennedy (4%)
  3. Mike Bianco (3%)

HM: Joe Sabatier, Coach Patton, Tim Murphrey, Dave Wommack, Johnny Hill


Favorite Newspaper Writer/Columnist

  1. Nature Humphries (Local Voice)
  2. Rebecca Long (Local Voice)
  3. Newt Rayburn (Local Voice)

HM: Jesse Yancy (Local Voice), Carver Rayburn (Local Voice), Jim Dees (formerly Oxford Eagle), John Davis (Oxford Eagle), Suanne Strider, Alyssa Schnugg (Oxford Eagle), Neal McCreedy (RebelGrove.com)


Favorite Computer Nerd

  1. Cameron Wilson (CambinoTech)
  2. Kyle McGrevey (Express Computer Service)
  3. Nathan Robbins


Favorite Doctor

  1. Dr. David Coon (Urgent Care Clinic of Oxford)
  2. Dr. Kecia Kirk (North Mississippi Family Med)
  3. Dr. Shaun Helmhout (North Mississippi Family Med)

HM: Jeff Dennis, Dr. Jean Gispen, Ford Dye, Dr. Philip Loria, Dan Shell, Dr. Bo Martin, Dr. Erik Richardson, Dr. Michael Dennis, Dr. Phillip A. Hooker, Dr. Ronald Blake Smith, Dr. Singletary, Dr. Will Dabbs, Glenn Hunt, Tom Fowlkes, William Henderson



Favorite Celebrity Sighting: Katy Perry (pictured here on ESPN College GameDay on October 4, 2014)

Favorite Celebrity Sighting

  1. Katy Perry
  2. Morgan Freeman
  3. Woody Harrelson

HM: Eli Manning, Tim Tebow, Dolly Parton, Joey Lauren Adams, Kirk Herbstreet, Zac Efron


Favorite Nurse

  1. Morgan Walter
  2. Merilyn Charlton
  3. Meg Hayden

HM: Rachel Walker, Stephanie Stewart, Jason Melton, LaShonda Sisk, Leigh Spencer, Miranda Bennett, Misty Houston


Favorite Professor/Teacher

  1. Sommer Sneed Husbands
  2. Michael Dupper
  3. Louis Bourgeois

HM: Mary Hayes, Alan Spurgeon, Dr. Elliot Hutchcraft, Ross Haenfler


Favorite Public Servant

  1. Jay Hughes
  2. Joey East
  3. Robyn Tannehill

HM: Zerk Wilson, Baretta Mosley, Clarence Williams (Deputy Chief, Oxford Fire Department), Jordan Watson, Officer/Johnny Sossman, Rocky Kennedy


2015Faves-PhillipHowardFavorite Taxi Driver

  1. Phillip Howard (Austin Taxi)
  2. Vernon Alger (Angel Taxi)
  3. Austin Blake (Austin’s Taxi)

HM: Moon Dog, Brad Meyers, Darryl Coleman, Uber, Leslie Foust, Louis Brummett, Roy Watson, Shawn Snow


Favorite Townie

  1. Ron Shapiro (Ronzo)
  2. Chico Harris
  3. Ashley Frye

HM: Ernest Carothers, Louis Bourgeois, Randy Yates, Greg Jones, Rodney Holley, Zach Tutor, Bubba Veazey, Carter Wilkes, Dent May, Jamo Gait, Joe Larson, Judge McClarty, Tim Ferguson, Trent Coleman, Tyler Bigham, Tyler Keith, Zerk Wilson


Favorite Veterinarian

  1. Whitney Rayner (Crossroads Animal Hospital)
  2. Dr. C. Lee Payne (Animal Clinic of Oxford)
  3. Ware Sullivan (Animal Care Center)

HM: Hannah Heaton, April Garcia, Dr. Harry Fyke, Dr. Jennifer Stobbe, Dr. Kathy Kvam, Laura Wilson, Bottletree, Pampered Paws, Steve Redding


Favorite Local Writer

  1. Ace Atkins
  2. Tom Franklin
  3. John Grisham

HM: Jack Pendarvis, Lee Durkee, Neil White, Lisa Howorth, Chris Offutt, Louis Bourgeois, Robert Khayat, Wright Thompson





Favorite Local Event: Double Decker Festival

Favorite Local Event

  1. Double Decker Festival
  2. Ole Miss Football
  3. Arter-Limits Fringe Festival

HM: Oxford Film Festival, Thacker Mountain Radio, Grove, ESPN Gameday, One Night Stand Art Show, Oxford Blues Festival, Oxford Craft Beer Festival, St. Paddy’s Day Pub Crawl


Favorite Tourist Attraction/Landmark

  1. Rowan Oak
  2. The Grove
  3. The Square

HM: Faulkner’s grave, doorknob to the universe, Faulkner statue, Vaught-Hemingway Stadium, LQC Lamar House, Ole Miss football/game day


2014LFA_StPetersFavorite Church

  1. St. Peter’s Episcopal
  2. The Orchard
  3. Oxford-University Methodist Church

HM: First Presbyterian, St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, First Baptist Oxford, College Hill Presbyterian, Community Church of Oxford, North Oxford Baptist Church, Unitarian Universalist Congregation, First Baptist Church of Abbeville, St. Andrew’s United Methodist


Favorite New Addition to Town

  1. Gus’ Fried Chicken
  2. Panera Bread Company
  3. Oxford Growler

HM: Goal posts, Jinsei, Starbucks, The Wine Bar, Malco Oxford Commons Cinema, Oxford Canteen, Roundabouts


Favorite Local Website

  1. TheLocalVoice.net
  2. HottyToddy.com
  3. EatingOxford.com

HM: voxpress.org, proudlarrys.com


Favorite Local Twitter Feed

  1. @BeingOxford (2,239 followers)
  2. @TheLocalVoice (8,332 followers)
  3. @BigBadChef (John Currence – 11,500 followers)

HM: @RedCupRebellion, @Funkys, @ProudLarrys, @HottyToddyNews, @OleMissPix


Favorite Mascot

  1. Colonel Reb (45%)
  2. Landshark (16%)
  3. Black Bear (15%)

HM: Charger, Admiral Ackbar, Commodore


Favorite Place for a First Date

  1. Snackbar
  2. Boure
  3. Volta Taverna

HM: Ajax, Jinsei, Delta Steak Co., City Grocery, McEwen’s, Malco Theater, Oxford Grillehouse, Ravine


Favorite Place to Study

  1. High Point Coffee
  2. The Grove
  3. J.D. Williams Library

HM: Cups, Home, Square Books, Oxford Growler


2015Faves-MollyBethFavorite Tailgate Hostess

  1. Molly Beth Shaffer
  2. Mike Bennett
  3. Dent May

HM: Ty Bauer, Helen Black, The Krizbais, Drew Martin, The Sieberts, Ron Vaughan


Favorite Mustache

  1. Carter Wilkes
  2. Mustache The Band
  3. Cameron Wilson (Cambino)

2015Faves-CarterWilkesHM: Matthew Clements, Sean Bittick, Barry Black, Jeff Peeples, Ryan Sofoulis


Favorite Beard

  1. Kevin Hindman
  2. Whit Hamilton
  3. Cameron Wilson (Cambino)

HM: Walt Davis, Brian Dorris, Chip Moore, Dave Woolworth, Jeremiah Willis, Trent Coleman


Favorite Road Trip/Day Trip

  1. Memphis
  2. Sardis Lake
  3. New Orleans

HM: Tunica, Water Valley, Clarksdale, Betty Davis, Wall Doxey State Park


YaloBrewFeatImgFavorite Mississippi Brewery

  1. Yalobusha Brewing
  2. Lazy Magnolia
  3. Southern Prohibition

HM: Crooked Letter Brewing, Oxford Brewing, Lucky Town


Most Likely to Appear on Reality TV

  1. Tim Ferguson
  2. Ron Shapiro (Ronzo)
  3. Marshall Henderson

HM: Dakota Goldman, Ivy Jackson, Chico Harris, Johnny McPhail, Keith Sanders  The Local Voice Ligature

These results were originally printed in The Local Voice #219 (published December 18, 2014).
To download a PDF of this issue, click here.

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