May 23, 2024

1 thought on “Ask Your Realtor: I am thinking of selling my home. What are the advantages of using a Realtor vs. FSBO (For Sale By Owner)?

  1. Amanda – this is a good article, but I agree with Dustin that you are misusing facts to promote yourself. Just because the average home sold by a real estate agent is 40k more than the the average home does not mean that you can get a seller 40k more for their house. The same survey says that agent assisted sellers earn 21k more a year – are you going to get them a raise?

    The fact is that that same Realtor survey shows that more FSBO buyers got asking price or better and fewer FSBO sellers had to lower their price to sell their home when compared to agent assisted sellers.

    Also, that same Realtor survey shows that FSBO sellers sold their homes faster than agent assisted sellers.

    Selling your home without an agent is simple. Will you have to do some extra work? Of course. But you will be paid hundreds of dollars an hour for that work with cost savings. I recommend you get an appraisal and hire a real estate attorney and will be well protected.

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