June 18, 2024

3 thoughts on “Photographs: Someone Rammed a Truck into Ole Miss’ Confederate Statue

  1. Obviously not an Economics major, either. To wit: The truck looks like a decent late-model, totaled. Let’s say $8,000 loss. A hospital visit for two, certainly not cheap. At least a few thousand dollars there. The University will bill the driver for costs incurred by Physical Plant the night of the accident and costs incurred repairing the damage to the statue. At least a few thousand dollars there. And then there are the costs of a DUI. Including jacked-up insurance premiums for three years and it is estimated that a first-time DUI conviction will cost around $10,000. But the driver’s insurance you say. If it is determined this this was a deliberate act the driver’s insurance company has no liability. Auto liability insurance only covers damage caused by negligence. That means a mishap must be an “accident.” The tort feasor’s (i.e., driver of vehicle that hit statue in this case) insurance company would deny coverage since this did not involve an “accident,” as this term is defined in car insurance policies. Furthermore, if this is determined to be a deliberate act, there will be legal fees, fines, etc., dealing with that. No matter what this is going to be a very costly mishap for the driver of that truck! Deo Vendice!!!

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