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YouLead Live: Middle Management Conference on Mental Health

BRAVE Communication LLC to hold a one of kind FREE live event to empower middle managers in Oxford and surrounding communities.

Most leadership development events don’t focus on the unique challenges of middle management.
Julia Winston, founder of Brave Communication—Oxford’s premier leadership development and Executive Coaching firm—is leading a free live event, called YouLead Live, to help middle managers increase their influence, direction, and success.

Many companies send their middle management managers to traditional, boring conferences where people sit around and talk at them all day hoping that will inspire their managers to be more productive.

We all know that has little lasting effect. It is time middle managers had an experience where they actively participate in learning techniques and strategies relevant to their role.

YouLead will feature a panel of middle managers who live and work in and around the Oxford-Lafayette communities. Confirmed panelists are successful managers from GE Aviation in Batesville, Holly Springs Tourism Bureau, and Landscape Services at Ole Miss to name a few.

Julia Winston is no stranger to leadership development events in Oxford. Last year her workshop the chamber of commerce “sold out” twice and her clients say, “She is a master at helping you master being YOU so you can do what you need to do at work.”

Winston says, “There are experts right here in our community and I wanted to showcase those people you don’t see all the time. YouLead Live is an empowerment experience for middle managers. It is created by middle managers for middle managers to help you successfully navigate having a boss while being a boss at the same time. You’ll grow in your confidence and learn valuable skills to realize that you aren’t powerless as a middle manager, but power-FULL.”

The event will take place from 8 am- 12pm at the Oxford Conference Center Tuesday May 24, 2016.

For more information and to register, visit YouLeadLive.com



4 Ways to Be a Mentally Healthy Middle Manager

Bosses are twice as likely to be depressed as their employees.



This is especially true if you are a middle manager in an organization. May is Mental Health Awareness month and too many middle managers don’t know how to foster good mental health practices in their roles.



In a 2015 study in the Journal of Sociology of Health and Illness, “…researchers found that these middle managers were significantly more likely to suffer symptoms of depression and anxiety than their counterparts at the top or bottom of the workplace hierarchy.”



So if this is true what can a hard-working middle manager do to avoid becoming a statistic and practice good mental health?



First, understand that mental health is more than just mental illness. It is a diverse field of study that includes things like stress management.



Second, to be a mentally healthy middle manager, you must apply the 4 Cs:
C- Check your beliefs. Circumstances do not determine where you’ll go but where you start. Examine your thoughts to see what beliefs are keeping you stuck when you need to be soaring.



C- Celebrate. Celebrate success wherever they happen. Too many managers either focus on what’s not working or avoid celebrations for fear it will give someone a “big head”. If you don’t count your blessings, you’ll begin to assume you don’t have any…and that leads to a breakdown in mental health.



C-Connect to a community that gets you. As much as your loved one cares about you, you need to be around people who get who you are and what you are going through as a middle manager.



C-Challenge yourself. Nothing great ever happened inside your comfort zone. Challenge yourself to learn new skills, take bigger risks, and push past your comfort zone to exercise underdeveloped muscles. Good stress is good for mental health. If you are a middle manager looking for a way to connect with a community who gets you, celebrate your successes, check your beliefs, and challenge yourself to be better, then register for YouLEAD Live-an empowerment experience just for middle managers- hosted by Julia Winston, Brave Communication happening May 24, 2016 from 8am to 12pm at the Oxford Conference Center in Oxford Ms. Go to YouLEADLive.com to register and begin ensuring you are a mentally healthy middle manager.



Julia M. Winston is a certified Executive Coach and Owner at Brave Communication—Oxford’s premier Executive Coaching and Leadership Development firm. With over 100 hours coaching individuals and groups, Julia knows the minds of managers, how they struggle, and what they need to be their best. Julia is national keynote speaker, award winning Toastmaster, author of projects like 7 Communication Mistakes Women in Leadership Make and 7 Keys to Conquering Procrastination. She has done leadership development for individuals and organizations like Chick-fil-a, USDA, and Baptist Memorial Hospital.



Contact Julia at 513-252-1617 or Julia.winston@bravecommunicationllc.com The Local Voice Ligature

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