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Published on June 13th, 2014 | by TLV News


“You Might Be a LOCAL If…”

Some folks are born into being a “local” ‘round these parts. Others have to work for years to be referred to by townsfolk as fellow locals. There are no set criteria, but if you find yourself checking off more than a few of the following, chances are you have attained “local” status. Read on!


• Every Oxford bar is kind of like Cheers: there’s almost always someone there who knows your name.

• You know how peaceful Oxford can be a few weeks out of the year, because this is your home year-round.

• You know what a “Square Rat” is.

• You’ve ever been called a “Square Rat.”

• You know all the unique names for our Chevrons and other convenience stores.

• You need no directions to get exactly where you want to go out at Sardis.

• You just call it “Sardis” and omit “Lake.”

• You ever ordered from Munchie Mobile.

• You’ve become a real Ole Miss fan just from living here.

• You’ve been to more than a half-dozen Cooters shows.

• You refuse to “cheat” on Willie at Local Color.

• You supported all the locations/incarnations of Two Stick.

• You got your Hash name running in Oxford.

• You know who Ronzo, Jamo, and Chico are. Bonus point for also knowing TLV Q&A mainstays Cambino and Carter Wilkes.

• You remember partying in the streets when Double Decker was still truly awesome.

• You’ve been here four years since your four-plus years of school at Ole Miss. 

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