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Published on January 17th, 2018 | by Brittain Thompson


Twitter Responds to Snow

While snow and ice storms are becoming annual traditions, Oxford residents are still not the most experienced in dealing with them. When we hear that snow is coming it’s safe to assume that every grocery store in town will be out of milk and bread by nightfall. Come Tuesday the town was well iced over and Oxford Police Department had their hands full with those bold enough to launch expeditions through the North Mississippi tundra. We, however, were safely off the roads and busy pulling the best Oxford tweets we could find. Please enjoy our presentation of Twitter Responds to Snow.


Ole Miss Police Department kicked things off with a quick refresher on what the strange substance falling from the sky was.


As documented by Oxford Police Department, road conditions deteriorated rapidly.



Anywhere with a hill became public enemy #1.




In case there is still any confusion, a couple more to drive the point home.



While driving on the roads became a frozen nightmare, it was all very pretty to look at.




Plenty of folks seemed to enjoy the day iced in.




One Oxford resident even managed to come up with an idea worse than actually driving on the ice. We would like to commend Mr. Brown on his ingenuity.

Fortunately OPD did not supply the tow vehicle. Come nightfall things had mostly calmed down and by Wednesday morning roads were drivable in most parts of the city. After all this time cooped up, we’re sure our readers are ready to get back to normal life.



We at The Local Voice want to thank OPD for all their efforts in keeping us safe and informed as we enjoyed our milk bread sandwiches.


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