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Published on May 17th, 2012 | by TLV News


Three Bands. Two Stick. One Night. (SAT 5/19)

Three Bands. Two Stick. One Night.

Saturday, May 19. Be There.

Tiger High:

Tiger High is a tight-knit group of musicians all born and raised in the music mecca of Memphis, Tenn. The group is composed of songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Jake Vest (Jack Oblivian, The Trashed Romeos), drummer Greg Roberson (Reigning Sound, Arthur Lee’s Love, The Trashed Romeos, Jack Oblivian, Compulsive Gamblers) and two of Vest’s longtime musical partners, brother Toby Vest and Greg Faison. The band co-writes and records their material at High/Low Recording, a studio owned and operated by band member Toby Vest. The studio serves as the band’s home base of operation as well as the home of their wrecking crew style production team.
The band is led by drummer Roberson. Roberson who has acquired an impressive resume as the original drummer for Reigning Sound, featured on their LPs Break Up Break Down, Time Bomb High School, Too Much Guitar, and Home For Orphans. In 2005 Roberson joined Rich Retard (The Retards & Lost Sounds) and Jack Oblivian (Compulsive Gamblers) in the Knaughty Knights to release one EP on Jay Retard’s Shattered Records label. In late 2005, Roberson was approached by sixties psychedelic icon Arthur Lee to put together a new version of LOVE based out of Roberson and Lee’s hometown of Memphis. Roberson worked with Lee & Love until Lee’s untimely death in late 2006. Roberson also logged time as a member of Jack & Greg Oblivian’s Compulsive Gamblers and with Jack Oblivian’s Tennessee Tearjerkers.

Booyah! Dad:

Booyah! Dad was born in the back of a duplex in Little Rock, Ark. They came out as two large fellas and a regular-sized one who were ready to make the world shake it. One could describe Booyah! Dad as a musical cross breed. Imagine if Z.Z. Top and the Talking Heads combined forces, or in the words of Rick Barton (Formerly of Dropkick Murphys), “You guys are like a psychedelic B.T.O.” gracing the stage, and exhorting all to “Party.”  That is what will make you say, BOOYAH! DAD.

Foul Play Cabaret (Burlesque):

Birthed from magic and imagination, Foul Play Cabaret has been capturing the hearts of many with their diverse and sultry shows, proving that the only thing hotter than the water in Hot Springs, Arkansas is the women. Ruby Lead, the head mistress, is living proof that big things come in small packages. Her petite frame specializes in bumps and grinds that are guaranteed to wow your mind and send chills down your spine.

Doris Night, Queen Of the Peepshow, has a vast array of ostrich feather fans that twirl faster than her pasties. The trance she induces with her elegant arsenal can only be broken with body she is hiding behind them.

Violet D’Vine, a vivacious vixen, is the embodiment of sexuality. Her well-oiled hips pump out high-volume screams and her wine-colored lips blow kisses that are sensual enough to bring a Viking to his knees.

Ms. Julia James, belly dancer extraordinaire, has isolated body shakes and rolls that humble the oceans. As waves crash against the shore unapologetically, she will crash into your heart leaving you drenched and gasping for air.

Fannie Flamingo, long-legged and foul-mouthed, you never know what’s going to happen when she is on stage. She combines humor, heart, and harlot with a little dash of surprise that keeps you entertained in more ways than one.

Mickey O’Nail, a man of few words, can silence a room at the drop of a nail. What this man does to his body is only comparable to the vaudevillian days of old; if you have a weak stomach I suggest you get front row seats to watch this one! Vincent Vagabond, the silver tongued master of ceremonies is a quick-witted riot. His charm on stage between acts is so effortless and endearing you might want to remove all of your own clothing, but please, leave this to the professionals of The Foul Play Cabaret.

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