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The Local Lawyer: Barstool Briefs Part 26: “Short Stories on Legal Affairs”

Goat Grift

Tom Brady has been caught making money off his “charity.” Tom and his “body coach,” a dude that has gotten crossways with the FDA for selling a drink that he claim prevented concussions and pills he claimed cured cancer, have a charity called TB12 Foundation and a for profit business called TB12, Inc.
The for-profit Inc sells exercise plans, equipment, and supplements. The Foundation exists to give these products to people that cannot afford it.

The way TB is worked out is that Brady’s business partners and fans give money to the Foundation and then the Foundation hires the for-profit Inc to provide the services.

Last year, the only money given out by the Foundation was to Brady’s for-profit company and all Foundation fund raisers and events were essentially advertisement for the for-profit company. Also, Tom’s partners and employees at TB12, Inc. are also on the Foundation payroll. In addition to shady money shuffling between his own charity and business, Tom does fundraising for a legitimate charity called Best Buddies, a group that helps people with disabilities.

Tom can claim that he does not get paid by Best Buddies, but Best Buddies has paid millions to at least two other Brady charities that have nothing to do with disability issues, making these donations an obvious payment for Brady’s fundraising services without Brady having disclose income and taking a public relations and tax hit. Brady signed a $50,000,000 contract with Tampa Bay in April, 2020. One month later, Brady’s TB, Inc. asked the taxpayers for a $960,000 PPE loan, which was granted and has been forgiven so it does not have to be paid back. There is no indication that the IRS is interested in prosecuting Brady for his charitable deals reported last week by The Daily Beast. His reputation has been damaged and his legacy tarnished. Maybe it is best for football players to retire before middle age and learning the art of tax shelters and phony charities.

Walking in Waco

A mother in Waco, Texas, almost lost her kids for making her eight-year-old walk a half mile.
Heather Wallace’s oldest son, eight-year-old Aiden, was driving his two brothers crazy in the car as they drove home from karate. Wallace asked Aiden to walk the rest of the way home—half a mile in a quiet, suburban area—so that he could learn his lesson and chill out.

Heather was arrested, handcuffed, and thrown in jail. She was charged with endangering a child, a felony carrying a mandatory minimum of two years in prison.

Wait, Do what? This really happened? In Texas?? By all accounts this all occurred in a very nice, quiet, low-traffic neighborhood. Aiden had walked this route many times to parks or friends’ houses. There are sidewalks all the way. A half mile is the distance from Volta to The Square, also a safe walk. Heather was put in jail and charged with a felony for making her kid walk from Volta to the Square. That’s absurd.
A woman one block away had called the cops to report a boy walking outside alone. That lady had actually asked Aiden where he lived, verified that it was just down the street, and proceeded to call nonetheless. The cops picked up Aiden on his own block. Heather had to spend the night in jail. Then she and her husband had to work with Child Protective Services to prove they were safe parents.

For two weeks they could not be alone with their children and had to be supervised by their mothers, the childrens’ grandmothers, until they proved they were safe parents. Heather had to complete 65 hours of community service, a parenting class and eight random drug tests to have the criminal charges dismissed.
She lost her job at a pediatrician’s office because a child doctor cannot have someone with child endangerment charges on staff. All for a child walking down the street. The woman who called the cops should be ashamed of herself and never show her face in public again. I hope she is ostracized from the community. And Texas CPS needs to learn how to ignore a stupid report.

People are People So Why Should It Be, They are Allowed to Ride in the HOV

In June of this year, a pregnant Texas lady was given a ticket for riding solo in the HOV lane in Plano, Texas. Instead of just paying the ticket, she went to court and argued that under Texas’ beefed-up abortion law her unborn baby is considered a person under Texas law, and, therefore, her car contained two people at the time she was in the HOV lane. Crafty. The Judge dismissed the ticket. I wonder if she will have to pay for two movie tickets next time she goes to the movies, and no R-rated movies when carrying a person who is under 17?

Mitchell Driskell practices law with the Tannehill Carmean firm and has been an Oxford lawyer for twenty two years. You can call him at 662.236.9996 and email him at He practices criminal law, civil law, and family law.

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Mitchell Driskell practices law with the Tannehill Carmean firm and has been an Oxford lawyer for twenty-two years. You can call him at 662.236.9996 and email him at He practices criminal law, civil law, and family law.

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