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The Gambling Landscape in Mississippi and Other American States: An Overview

Have you known that land-based gambling in Mississippi is only allowed in riverboat casinos on ships that sail toward foreign waters, where U.S. jurisdiction does not apply? The states with a similar legal situation regarding land-based casinos are Texas, Missouri, Georgia, Illinois, and South Carolina. Anyway, there is no other country in the world where the gambling landscape is so complex, and different as in the USA. The legal situation could not be more diverse, because while some states are very liberal with all forms of gambling, in others any kind is prohibited, except for Native American casinos, which are always legal in Native settlements and reservoirs and are not under US legislation.

The situation with betting is also complicated – for example, it is legally restricted and regulated in many states, but you can access and enjoy gambling, or betting on the sites located outside the USA. For example, look at the betting lines at 22bet! So, many states do not have laws stating that gambling at online casinos is illegal. Therefore, you can safely play in casinos, and betting sites if you happen to be in the USA.


In November 2015 three states in the USA have regulated internet gambling: New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware. In most cases, it only applies within the states. The size and gambling style of these three states vary. New Jersey holds by far the largest share and is home to several regulated casino sites operated by Atlantic City Casinos. In Nevada, only internet poker is allowed. In Delaware, only certain casinos are accepted. Among those states in which there are exclusive, Native American casinos are Alabama, California, ArizonaConnecticut, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Washington, and North Carolina. A few states also allow slot machines to be placed in pubs and bars, but only on the condition that the machines do not pay out real money, but rather a winning receipt that can be redeemed at the cash register. Such machines are located in Montana, Rhode Island, Oregon, West Virginia, and South Dakota.


Sports betting is also currently legal in some American states. The legalization of sports betting is also being discussed in 22 other states, and experts expect that between 20 and 30 states will push through corresponding legislation within the next five to ten years. But some states want to remain close to the market of sports betting. These include Texas, Washington, and Florida, which are each home to some of the biggest sports teams in famous leagues. 


Some of the states where gambling is restricted or unrestricted have very interesting official regulations. In Arkansas, for example, there are two official casinos with electronic slot machines. Pure gambling is illegal, but games of “skill and judgment” are allowed. The slot in Arkansas’ gambling establishments, therefore, work with a trick. Thus, after the first spin, the player can keep one of the symbols on the reels to approximately calculate the chances of the next spin. Since the games of video poker and video blackjack work on the same principle, they are also very often found on slot machines.

In conclusion, it is quite likely that gambling as a whole will expand and develop in many states of the USA. However, there cannot be uniform cross-state laws due to the constitution, which is why the gambling situation will remain very complex and diverse in the future.

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