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Published on May 18th, 2012 | by TLV News


Record of the Issue: “The Best of The Kinks” by Toby Douglas

I grew up listening to great music. My parents wanted to make sure that one day I wouldn’t listen to terrible music and instead have a refined taste in my musical selection. The Who, Queen, Peter Gabriel, REM, and Natalie Merchant were just a few of the musicians that my parents played in our house while I was growing up. So, when The End Of All Music opened, I was there on the first day. I was looking through every record they had until I found one that had songs on it I would dance to with my mom and dad.

“The Best Of The Kinks” record I bought—Come Dancing With The Kinks, was not something I was expecting to be able to find. So when I saw that record sitting there in The Kinks section, I grabbed it and went straight up to the register with my other records. Just owning that record makes me remember all those childhood moments of being in the living room with my mom or dad and dancing the way any ten-year-old kid would to music with their parents. Songs like “Lola” and “You Really Got Me” now play from the record player in my kitchen, and when I hear them playing I dance like I’m ten again. This record store is one of the greatest things to happen to Oxford, not only for a great music selection, but also for helping us to remember times in our lives when the music would just take us away into our own little world.

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Rolling Record Store Coming to End Of All Music MON 5/21 (with very limited Jack White album!)

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