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Published on February 15th, 2016 | by Alex Thiel


Oxford Film Festival: Featured Experimental Shorts

As expected, the experimental block at Oxford Film Festival is full of nuance, oddity, and pushing back against stereotyped expectations. Here are three that were especially interesting. 

Screening on: Friday, 11 am, Malco; Saturday, 1 pm, Shelter on Van Buren


(13 min)

Directed by: Andre Silva
cyberGenesis is a thought-provoking mixture of filmmaking techniques based around some of our biggest questions: consciousness, intelligence, and the future of the human race. The film’s visual style fluctuates throughout its various themed chapters, but never ceases to engage the viewer on both purely visual and thematic levels.


you can stay here
You Can Stay Here
(3:00 min)

Directed by: John Veron
You Can Stay Here is an exercise in setting a mood, and that mood is “creepy.” Gorgeous cinematography belies the unsettling tone, and deft sound design draws in the viewer and never lets go. At just under three minutes, it’s a short one, but the open-ended brevity adds more than it subtracts here. You might want to make that trip to the restroom beforehand.


take the bus
Take The Bus On A Hot Summer Day
(4:40 min)
Directed by: Gloria Chung
Take The Bus On A Hot Summer Day is, more or less, exactly what one expects to see in an experimental block; the film is not so much a display of storytelling as it is an exploration of a cinematic idea. Urban landscapes from the view of a city bus are best taken in passively here, lest the viewer miss the point: that sometimes the most mundane things can be perceived in a totally fresh way. The Local Voice Ligature

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Alex Thiel was a writer and Sports Editor for The Local Voice. A 2014 graduate of Ole Miss, Alex spends his days in Oxford as a freelance audio/video artist, yelling into microphones as a member of Carlos Danger, performing comedy noncommittally, digging around the University’s film archives for Ole Miss Sports Productions, and occasionally serving you beverages in exchange for your money.

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