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Published on March 22nd, 2016 | by TLV News


Know Your Bartender: Lindsey Ferguson of Volta Taverna

Hometown: Selmer, Tennessee. Yeah, no one else knows where it is either.

Bars where you have worked: Just Volta Taverna!

In your experience, what is the most common reason to have a drink? Just because

What’s your favorite ingredient or flavor combination? About a year ago we had a drink at Volta called the Afternoon Delight that combined Jack Daniels, peach schnapps, simple syrup, lemons, and soda water. I really loved the combination of Jack Daniels and peach schnapps. It’s such a light, flavorful combination; A lot of people don’t think “light” when they think of whiskey. In fact, one of the biggest turn offs for whiskey is people think it is a heavy liquor that’s just for old men. This drink changes minds. It’s still one of my favorite go-to drink combinations, especially in the summer. I love Jack Daniels (probably a little too much) and peach schnapps.

What is your most essential bar tool? Probably my bar key. I cut up my hand pretty bad one night when we were slammed from opening too many beer bottles. It really sucked for the next few days.

Where’s your favorite spot to sip in Oxford/your hometown? Oxford: Definitely Volta, especially if it’s warm and the deck is open. Hometown: In the river on a boat.

What are your personal specialties? Margaritas, definitely. I spend so much time making them at Volta that I feel like I’m pretty good at them now.

What do you wish people would order more often? Less often? More: beer; less: skinny margaritas

Early alcohol experience: Everyone used to get a kick out of it when my pappaw would let me sip on his beer when I was a kid.

Most famous customer you’ve ever served: Johnny and Susan McPhail are frequent dinners at Volta. We love waiting on them because they’re such a fun pair.

What have you been listening to this year? I’m such a huge fan of Taylor Swift and I do not care to admit it. So, yeah

Favorite movie of all time: Grease. I remember ruining a VHS from blockbuster in middle school because I rewound and played it so much.

Favorite sport & team: Football, Tennessee Vols. Of course the Rebels, too, but I still bleed orange. Sorry (not sorry).

Who’s your favorite Rebel, and do you really ever go over 18 MPH? I’m really good about obeying the speed limit, but…sometimes I’m just really late for class or really need to beat out that other person for the parking spot.

Read any good books lately? It’s a little silly but I really got into the Maze Runner series and just finished the last book. It’s so good! I’ve only seen the first movie, though. Other than that, I’ve recently snuggled up with my Cell and Molec book but thats way less interesting.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen in your bar lately? Well as for myself, I was making a drink a few weeks ago with a full bar audience and as I was shaking it the shaker cup separated from the glass and I ended up literally dripping in Ninja Turtle, which is an extremely sugary and fruity drink. I then had to make another one pretty quickly, still dripping in the green drink, and gave the rest to some customers at the bar. I then ended up spilling the drink all over this poor girl sitting at the bar. She laughed it off along with everyone else at the bar but I was horrified.

Where would you be if you weren’t behind a bar? Probably on the other side of the bar. The Local Voice Ligature

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