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Published on April 9th, 2021 | by Newt Rayburn


How To Reach An Agreement With A Customer

Why does it matter? Companies may encounter difficulties with tax authorities because they misclasse employees as contractors. Including the language in your contract, which states that you are an independent contractor and that you pay your own taxes, will help them avoid any problems related to the tax period. When compiling information for your contract discussion, you should take the time to collect data on the partner`s use and interaction with your product. It is preferable for these data to be quantitative (including turnovers if any), but they can also be qualitative, for example. B user testimonials. I often find it advantageous to share this data in advance with the customer. In this way, you can set the tone of entertainment and focus on the value of your company`s products and services and include that value in your value-based pricing model. However, you should not have to sell the customer on your product. You can talk to someone you don`t interact with regularly, such as a financial person, but the product owner should be an evangelist who sends the value your partnership offers to their business. Customer contracts are an important part of setting expectations with your client, outline of project details and ensuring that you are paid for your work.

And now that you know how to create (and enforce) contracts, you`re armed with the information you need to protect your business rights. How can we create value at the negotiating table and reach a mutually beneficial agreement? Here are three tips from Max H. Bazerman of Harvard Business School: Negotiating with your customers can be the key to a successful small business. If you know how to negotiate a contract, you set clear limits that protect you and your business. You can also set up payment terms and customers are more likely to pay on time, and your business will not suffer from a lack of cash flow. Don`t make the most common mistake of looking at negotiations first as an exercise in persuading the other side to do what you expect them to do. With this way of thinking, you will focus so much on your conversation points that you will not listen carefully enough to what your opponent has to say. On the other hand, active listening and setting up many questions will help you gather the information you need to develop a mutually beneficial agreement. Depending on the structure of your client team success, customer success managers can be responsible for negotiating contracts for the relationships they have. The circumstances that stimulate contract negotiation can be positive, for example. B a successful upsell that will unlock additional licenses or custom features.

Or the situation might be less ideal; Perhaps the customer feels that he will not have the full value of the product and that he threatens to terminate it if his fee is not reduced. Anyway, some aspects of the traditional trading dynamics move when you are in talks with an existing client. The goal of this organization is to prepare clients` success teams to negotiate with clients and to improve (or at least maintain) their customer relationship in the process. Continue to use the names of your client and customer throughout the contract. If generic terms such as “customer,” “third party” or “service provider” are left in the agreement, it seems much more impersonal – which is not a legal issue, but could discourage some customers.

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