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Published on September 15th, 2021 | by Newt Rayburn


Cost Of Shareholders Agreement

If there are different shareholders with opposing interests, a lawyer can help identify, negotiate and implement solutions. Since they deal with these types of agreements every day, they can help you identify and resolve issues much more effectively than would otherwise be the case. As for the analogy, no matter how good it is, someone else`s drugs are worthless to me and can even be dangerous. Legal agreements are no different. Circumstances vary, but a shareholders` agreement should be considered whenever there are between two and twenty shareholders in a company, for example. A shareholders` agreement is the most important to protect a minority shareholder. Unless a shareholders` agreement restricts, shareholders by simple majority (e.g. B two out of three shareholders) have extensive powers in the field of company law. Without needing the agreement of other shareholders, they can appoint new directors (perhaps their friends or family members), dismiss any director (for example. B one of the other shareholders), vote to pay salaries or expenses not received by other shareholders or directors, or issue more shares (thereby diluting the ownership of existing shareholders). These are just examples. A shareholders` agreement would generally limit these powers, so such things can only be done with the agreement of all parties or sometimes a certain majority of them.

What further complicates matters is that if there is a problem with your agreement, it may not manifest itself until a few years later. Company Law Solutions` standard service, which covers most contracts, is very competitive at £300.00 plus VAT. In many cases, it is our overall tax. If complex additional conditions need to be established, additional costs may be incurred, but we would always discuss the actual costs before proceeding, and it is very unlikely that the total amount will exceed £600 plus VAT. By way of illustration, if there are two experienced shareholders who engage in a small company, who already know pretty much what they want and who have an already existing relationship, it will probably take less work than in a situation where there are several shareholders with different levels of experience, investment and participation in the company. At one end of the scale is the shareholders` agreement that you can download from the Internet. These documents are often offered for free or for less than a few hundred dollars. There is no strict guide on the cost, as it depends on your circumstances….

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