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Published on September 14th, 2021 | by Newt Rayburn


Collective Bargaining Agreement Mls

Jeff Larentowicz, a member of the MLSPA Board of Directors, added in a press release from the Players` Association that “this agreement is the culmination of our efforts to hire players from each team to set our goals and insist that real progress be made. Thanks to this work and our solidarity, we have been able to reach an agreement that will offer players more rights and compensation, and that will ensure that the league`s resources will continue to be used to create a league of choice for players on and off the field. So we talked earlier in this offseason about the potential for a work stoppage, with the collective agreement between the League and the Players` Association ending at the end of January. Major League Soccer and the MLS Players Association on Thursday announced an agreement on a new five-year collective bargaining agreement that includes huge increases in salary, charter travel and free agency. On Thursday, Major League Soccer and the MLS Players Association agreed on a new five-year collective agreement (CBA). Overall, this seems to be a win for players, as they have significantly increased their benefits. Highlights include players who will participate in media revenue from 2023, additional charter flights (16 to 2024 with all playoff and international matches) and greater spending flexibility. Learn more about the current CBA: Collective Agreement 2020 Popular bonuses for 2020 are limited to $5 million. The revenue participation agreement for future national broadcasting rights has been amended to halve the percentage agreed in 2023. A force majeure clause, which would allow both parties to lift the KNA in the event of a catastrophic event such as a pandemic, was also included.

CBA deadlines have also been extended by one year, with deadlines extended from 2021 to 2022, 2022 to 2023, etc., until the end of the agreement, which expires in January 2026. When mlS and mlS Players Association agreed on a framework for a new collective agreement four months ago, the mood was almost euphoric among players. The MLSPA made profits within the Free Agency and entered into a creative revenue participation agreement that allowed players to share in the profits of a planned significant increase in national broadcasting rights. There were also winnings for the base, with an increase in potential bonuses for players at the bottom of the salary scale. It`s hard to see how long these feelings will last. It could be argued that, given the tactics it has used, the deal is a stain on MLS and that players will seek a refund in the upcoming negotiations. . . .

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