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Published on November 5th, 2012 | by Newt Rayburn


City of Oxford, Mississippi Board of Aldermen Meeting Agenda November 6, 2012 – 6:00 pm

City of Oxford, Mississippi Board of Aldermen Meeting Agenda
November 6, 2012 – 6:00 pm

  1. Call to order.
  2. Adopt the agenda for the meeting.
  3. Mayor’s Report.
  4. Authorize approval of minutes of the regular meeting on October 16, 2012.
  5. Authorize approval of accounts for all city departments.
  6. Lions Club to request funds for Christmas Parade. (John Mulkey)
  7. Second reading and public hearing of an ordinance amending section 54-26 Criteria for the Issuance of a Certificate of Appropriateness and Section 54-30 Demolition by Neglect. (Tim Akers)
  8. Second reading, public hearing and vote of an ordinance regulating handicapped parking and parking enforcement. (Tim Akers)
  9. Second reading, public hearing and vote on an ordinance regulating parking restrictions in certain areas. (Tim Akers)
  10. Second reading and public hearing of an ordinance regulating entertainment bus parking. (Tim Akers)
  11. Second reading and public hearing of an ordinance permitting the Mayor to temporarily detour traffic on public streets. (Tim Akers)
  12. Review and approve Telecommunication Permit contract with Windstream KDL. (Bart Robinson)
  13. Accept appraisal and authorize purchase of property for Fire Station number one. (Bart Robinson)
  14. Award bids for Avent Park Detention. (Bart Robinson)
  15. Award bid for Sewer vacuum truck chasis. (Bart Robinson)
  16. Award bid for Sewer vacuum pump. (Bart Robinson)
  17. Authorize contract for purchase of property. (Bart Robinson)
  18. Request permission for two employees to attend Central Service Association Winter Conference in Nashville, TN on December 6-7, 2012 with a cost of $1406.00. (Rob Neely)
  19. Request permission for two linemen to attend TVA Substation training in Tupelo, MS on November 15-16, 2012 with no cost to the City. (Rob Neely)
  20. Permission to send two employees to the Mississippi Class I Rubbish Site-Operator Certification Training. November 28 & 29 in Jackson, MS at a cost of $310.00. (Eddie Anderson)
  21. Request approval for Larry Gillespie as a reserve officer. (Mike Martin)
  22. Request approval for Firearms Instructor to attend NRA Precision Rifle Instructor Course at the academy on November 12-16, 2012 at a cost of $825.00. (Mike Martin)
  23. Request approval for three officers to attend Police Training Officer Course in Louisville, KY on January 21-25, 2013 at a cost of $693.00. (Mike Martin)
  24. Request purchase of four 2013 Dodge Chargers at a price of $106,432.00. (Mike Martin)
  25. Request permission for deputy clerk to attend Record Retention seminar in Jackson, MS on November 29, 2012 with a cost of $75.00. (Lisa Carwyle)
  26. Accept resignation in Building & Grounds. (Al Hope)
  27. Authorize employment of laborers in Building & Grounds Department. (Al Hope)
  28. Accept resignation in the Electric Department. (Al Hope)
  29. Authorize internal advertisement for assistant inventory control. (Al Hope)
  30. Consider executive session.


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