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Published on January 27th, 2018 | by Brittain Thompson


Blending Sounds with Dominc Minix of Yung Vul

Yung Vul is the evolution of the Dominic Minix Quartet, a New Orleans jazz ensemble. Led by 24 year-old Dominic Minix, the group blends New Orleans Jazz with Punk and Hip Hop into one immersive sound.

“This project has been together for about six years,” said Minix. “It’s just been evolving with the live shows we’ve been playing. I see we need to adapt to each situation and the music changes around that. Since we released ‘Numb Me Now’ it’s been a gradual process…the jazz elements are still there but it’s more singer-songwriter, punk rock an heavier elements.”

Which version of the four-piece you’ll get to see depends on where the band is booked to play that night.

“If we’re playing at a jazz venue and they want us to tone it down we can try our best to be Dominic Minix Quartet,” said Minix. “But for the most part we’re playing under Yung Vul and I think that’s just a natural evolution of the Dominic Minix Quartet.”

As to what exactly Yung Vul means as a name, Minix gave a few options to choose from.

“Yung Vul as in Vulva or Vulnerable or Vulcan or Vole like a rodent,” said Minix.

The bands newest release, Cannonball Adderall, is a four track EP recorded in two days that showcases Yung Vul’s broad range of influences. 

“At the time I was listening to a lot of Radiohead,” said Minix. “Slum Village influenced it a lot. The song ‘Nameless’ is a sample from a Slum Village song that they sampled from someone else.”

While the self-described “sad, angsty sounds” are prominent on the EP, things were looking up for Minix during the recording process.

“Life was actually pretty good at that time. I had just graduated college and my mom asked if I wanted to go on a vacation,” said Minix. “Instead I just asked her to help me get this record made. We have a video on the website about making the record.”

As most musicians do, Minix has an elevator pitch ready when asked what his band sounds like.

“Hip hop, punk, and New Orleans modern jazz,” said Minix. “That’s what I tell people on the streets.”

Catch Yung Vul at Proud Larrys Saturday, January 27 for free. Keep up with Yung Vul through their official website.  The Local Voice Ligature




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