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Published on September 11th, 2021 | by Newt Rayburn


Are Prenuptial Agreements Legal In India

“It is too early to reach a conclusion on this issue. One of the proposals was to amend the Special Marriage Act to allow for the registration of marriage contracts if a couple wishes their rights to be established before marriage. We will have to assess its feasibility,” said Rakesh Srivastava, secretary of wcd. Countries such as Austria, France, the Netherlands and Portugal, which are parties to the Hague Convention on the Law Applicable to matrimonial property regimes, grant legal recognition to marriage contracts, since the Convention is expressly consented to marriage contracts. India does not have a law on marriage or inheritance agreements. Such agreements are not common in India and are contrary to Indian customs and opinions about marriage. Nevertheless, global advertising on celebrity marriage contracts encourages the wealthiest to consider this idea in India. It seems that there is no significant case law in India regarding prenups or post-nups. What is critical is that the Indian Supreme Court — which has extremely broad power to deliver justice between the parties and has been very active on divorce-related issues — has not taken a position on the issue of marriage contracts. It is therefore important to understand that, while marriage contracts could be a valuable means for parties in India to express their intention as to the nature of their financial relationship, it is not possible to guarantee – or even expect – that such agreed terms will be upheld in an Indian court. International clients should also expect that marriage and inheritance agreements entered into during their stay outside India are unlikely to be enforced if one of them were to open a divorce case in an Indian court. The marriage contract is common in Western countries where couples enter into a contract before marriage. The contract provides details on the distribution of property, guardianship rights, etc., in the event of divorce.

Gender activists see these agreements as beneficial for women, as they protect their rights and bring down disputes in the event of the dissolution of marriage. In New Zealand, prenups are legally enforceable after the enactment of the Matrimonial Property Act 1976. In the end, only despised happiness avoids legal problems. But it`s always good to have a little help. So you need to add a pre-nup to your wedding to avoid post-marital trauma! A marriage contract is a contract that the parties enter into before the marriage. It is a signed, registered and notarized document, which usually describes the distribution of assets, liabilities and custody issues when the marriage breaks down in the future. The government`s position stems from a meeting of interest groups that met Monday by the Union`s Department for Women and Child Development to discuss whether such an agreement should have legal status. Officials present at the meeting said justice department officials were also not in favor of legalizing prenup agreements. Although prenups cannot be legally enforced, since they only denounce the intention of the parties, the courts take into account the direction of the prenups when pronouncing judgments.

Marriage contracts are not recognized by marriage laws in India. They are only mentioned in section 40 of the Divorce Act of 1869 (one of the few personal legal laws that govern Christians). This section clarifies that the district court may inquire into “the existence of pre-marital or post-marital settlements” before deciding on the dissolution of a marriage. The State of Goa, the only one to have a single civil code (on the model of the Portuguese Civil Code, 1867), allows family marriage contracts for the distribution of property. . . .

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