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Published on September 9th, 2021 | by Newt Rayburn


Agreement Between India And Pakistan Upsc

January 2012 – Amid rising tensions between the government and the military over the Memogate scandal, army chief General Pervez Kayani warns of “unpredictable consequences” after Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani criticized army chiefs and fired senior defense officials. India looks forward to peaceful, cooperative and friendly relations with Pakistan. This requires an environment free of violence and terrorism that is difficult to achieve. Any dialogue between India and Pakistan is often followed by a ceasefire violation along the LOC lines. The 1971 Indo-Pakistani war was the first war between countries not to fight for the Kashmir region. At that time, the Dominion of Pakistan was divided into West Pakistan and Eastern Pakistan (first in Eastern Bengal). These two regions were separated by India`s largest nation. Tensions between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have been brewing for some time. September 19 this year marks the 60th anniversary of the Indus Water Treaty (IWT) between India and Pakistan. Sir Creek is a strip between Pakistan and India in the Rann of Kutch Marais. Located in the southeast of Karachi, it shares the Kutch region of the Indian state of Gujarat with Pakistan`s Sindh province. In April 2005, the World Bank considered the Pakistani claim a “difference”, a classification between the serious “issue” and the most serious “dispute”, and in May 2005, it appointed Professor Raymond Lafitte, a Swiss civil engineer, to assess the difference. Lafitte delivered its final judgment on 12 February 2007, confirming some of Pakistan`s minor objections, stating that the capacity of the pond was reduced by 13.5%, that the height of the dam structure would be reduced by 1.5 metres and that the electricity inlet tunnels would be increased by 3 metres, limiting some of the flow control capacities of the old project.

Tensions between India and Pakistan in 2019 have brought the already low volume of trade between the two countries to near zero. The relationship between the two twin states of the umbilical cord became furious from the beginning. Indeed, there had been two major wars (1965 and 1971), two limited wars (1947 and 1999) and a continuous proxy war waged by the Pakistani side with the help of various anti-state and terrorist elements. . . .

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