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Local People Winners: The Local Voice’s Townies Awards, 2016


Favorite Actor: Johnny Mcphail


1. Johnny McPhail

2. Susan McPhail

3. Connor King

HM: Greg Earnest, Jennifer Pierce Mathus


1. Laquon Treadwell

2. Chad Kelly

3. Robert Nkemdiche

HM: Eli Manning, Archie Manning, Denzel Nkemdiche, Ericka Sisk

AttorneyAttorney Kevin

1. Kevin Fry

2. Jay Carmean

3. Dee Hobbs

HM: James B Justice, George Haymans, Josh Turner, Reah Tannehill


1. John Grisham

2. Tom Franklin

3. Ace Atkins

HM: Neil White, William Faulkner, Chris Offutt, Jack Pendarvis, Julie Cantrell, Larry Brown


1. Buck Walden (Rib Cage)

2. Randy Yates (Ajax)

3. Erika Lipe (Wine Bar)

HM: Lee Harris (Funkys), Brooke Krizbai (Volta), Scott Caradine (Proud Larrys)

Clergy Member

1. Father Joe (St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church)

2. Ally Cartwright

3. Eddie Rester

HM: Pat Ward, John Semmes, Ann Whitaker, Fish Robinson


Favorite Coach: Hugh Freeze


1. Hugh Freeze

2. Andy Kennedy

3. Johnny Hill

HM: Mike Bianco, Coach Patton

Computer Nerd

1. Kyle McGreavy (Express Computer)

2. Cambino’s Computer Shop

3. Nathan Robbins

HM: Aaron Harris

Favorite Celebrity Sighting: Katy Perry

Celebrity Sighting

1. Katy Perry

2. Morgan Freeman

3. Eli Manning

HM: Archie Manning, James Franco, McLovin, Tim Tebow

alex thiel

Favorite Newspaper Columnist: Alex Thiel

Newspaper Columnist

1. Alex Thiel (The Local Voice)

2. Newt Rayburn (The Local Voice)

3. Sierra Mannie (Daily Mississippian)

HM: Alyssa Schnugg (The Oxford Eagle), Suanne Strider (freelance)


1. Andrew Ross (Ross Family Dental Clinic)

2. Walker Swaney

3. Hal haney

HM: Jason Farese, Stephen Wooten, Earl Stubblefield


1. Dr. David Coon (Urgent Care Clinic of Oxford)

2. Jeff Dennis

3. Mitt Hobbs

HM: Mona Castle, Cooper Mcintosh, Dr. Cooper Terry, Dr. Dabbs


1. Bubba Mize (Mize Electric)

2. Gary Goodballet

3. Marc Adamec

HM: Rick’s Pluming and Electric


1. Ricky Mooney (Mooney Plumbing)

2. Gary Goodballet

3. David Wilkinson

nurse gentry webb

Favorite Nurse: Gentry Webb


1. Gentry Webb

2. Rachel Sledge

3. Sharon Upton

Professor or Teacher

1. Summer Husbands

2. Cynthia Joyce

3. Dewey Knight

HM: Jody Holland, Ken Sufka, Louis Bourgeois, Samir Husni, Tad Wilkes

Public Servant

1. Joey East (Chief of Police)

2. OPD Twitter: @OxfordPolice

3. Oxford Police Department

HM: Hildon Sessums


1. Mark Cleary

2. Brooke Worthy

3. Clayton Faggert

vern alger

Favorite Taxi Driver and Favorite Pool Shark: Vernon Alger

HM: Blake Cannon, Lauren Cleary, Lee Lee Desler, Sharon grace, Wanda Poole

Taxi Driver

1. Vernon Alger (Angel Taxi)

2. Austin Blake (Austin Taxi)

3. Phillip Howard (Hotty Toddy Taxi)

HM: Moon Dog

TownieRon Sharpio

1. Ron Shapiro

2. Chico

3. Earnest Carothers

HM: Trent Coleman, Carter Wilkes, Zerk Wilson The Local Voice Ligature

"Local Faves" Winners: The Local Voice's Townies Awards, 2016
Local Arts and Music Winners: The Local Voice's Townies Awards, 2016

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